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Favorite SuperBowl Commericials...


Whats everyones favorite?

So far (for the first half) is the bud light one where the friends go camping and the bear corners one of the friends. So he opens a bud light, puts it on the rock and another friend sprints by and grabs the beer. The best part about the commercial is at the end when he goes "hey man, did you see my moves? I still got 'em ZZZZING!"


magic fridge...

I drink bud products, but where's the Miller ads?


The Michelob Ultra Amber commercial was pretty funny. "YOU WERE OPEN NOW YOU'RE CA-LOSED!"



Magic Fridge
Naked Sheep Streaker


Tough call between this one and the sheep streaker. "I didn't need to see that."


Mine was the caveman one. Killed me when he punts the little dinosaur than gets steped on, too good.


The Monster.com with the monkeys celebrating in the conference room. The monkey CEO holding the burning bills while the guy's explaining that they lost money was priceless.


As a whole, the commercials were fucking atrocious this year.


You're right, I've seen much better. I did crack up on the cave man who gets stomped and magic fridge ones though.


magic fridge, caveman, and the guy tackling the girl like he was terry tate were all good.

anyone else notice, that about every other commercial was an alcohol one? lol


The whole game was disapointing. The commercials mentioned above were the only highlights. A lackluster game, some questionable calls, a less than spectacular halftime show...

It was a very anticlimatic way to end an exceptional season. Oh well, there is always next year.


I don't even like A-B products, but will someone please gimme a fucking Bud Light?

I really hoped to see more from The King, the Burger King that is.

Fed-Ex dinosaurs and party monkeys, as well as the giant office beer bash!