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Favorite Strongmen

Hey all,

Just wondering who in the word of strongman that you guys admire…

My personal favourites are Jon paul sigmarsson, Jouko Ahola and more recently Svend Karlson but as a Brit (we have won 3 times) ill always remember Geoff capes v Bill Kaz, Gary taylor and Jamie Reeves…

I’d love to see some old sigmarsson footage if anyone has some.

Just to spice things up see Jouko hit a triple then die…370kg!


That was only a double! And it was 360kg. Well, I guess 796 lbs. is a lot more than I can do for a double, haha!

Favorite strongman are Magnus Samuelsson and Hugo Girard.

that video is awesome…

I like Zydrunas Zavickas (spelling? I know I’m butchering his name sorry)

Hugo Girard

and of course Marius

I’m a big fan of Jesse for being America’s best hope at a WSM title right now and for keeping the crowd involved.

Ya gotta admire Vasyl’s intensity, too. The man personifies fire and drive.

And an amatuer heavyweight, Z, for being so cuddly.


I dont know what is more impressive; 360x2 or shooting a pint of blood out of your nose while doing it.

I havent watched those competition very much since I was a little kid watching Jon Pall competing. He was extremely popular, doing commercials & making public apperances. Everyone knew who he was, from little kids to the older ones. His character was just that way. Its not like that any more. Not many know the names of those who are competing now. Jon Pall was/and is “the man”.

Andy “stumpy” Raynes is a personal favourite. He may not have won much, but he has been a Mr. Universe and powerlifting champion. Plus he’s only about 5"5’ so it’s shows that even us short guys can get stuck in.

Geoff Capes is an old hero of mine, still can’t figure out how the old timers used to rip up telephone directories. I have trouble with a dozen pages.

Raymond Bergmanis. Wraps his ol’ knees but doesn’t usually wear a belt or use anything else to aid him. He’s a champion. I also like Zavickas and Karlson. I don’t have a favorite American, I just root for them all.



I used to like OD Wilson, just for his attitude. He rocked!!