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Favorite Striking Drills

Scrappers, assemble!

I’m trying to pick up Karate and Muay thai after I broke my arm, and since the metal plate is still in, I’m hoping to start with light work at home to get in the groove again and don’t destroy my arm.

What are some of your favorite drills?
I would love these to be preformed solo and without too many tools, but really, everything is welcome, I will try it out when I can train full-on again.

As a start I’m jabbing, teeping and front kicking away for a few weeks. Mostly on the walls, curtains and plants. It’s working great. Never had such a accurate, snappy jab. Hooking of it gets better everyday. And I can’t throw teep or front kick with almost full power anymore or I will break my foot or the wall, or catapult backwards a foot. Drills with frequency work. Took years to see that.

Solo, shadow fighting/boxing is going to be king.

Next I’d say that basic rhythm footwork and head movement drills, and drilling the heck out of combinations (so they become automatic and you don’t have to “think” about how to move your body while throwing them) are going to be my next favorite solo drill.

After that I would say drilling defensive movements against imagined attacks (the better you can get with your visualization skills here the better) and countering skills would be next.

Beyond that you can add “Angular Attack”/"5 Ways of Attack variations to any of these drills for dealing with different types of defensive responses from your opponent, rhythm mix ups, or strategic/tactical considerations.

Of course if you have access to targets (heavy bag, double end bag, uppercut bag, etc…) you can utilize those for many of these as well.

Thanks sento.

Defensive shadowboxing is something I really suck at. It just feels so daft…
Will try it out some more. Maybe some rolls of the jab. Jabs and pivots are key stones right now.

Next to the ussual work, I play around with some new combo’s. Mostly kick into punch, trying to emulate the style of spong and ristie.