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Favorite Strength Forums/Blogs


I am not sure if this has been done before, but I am curious to see what other forums/blogs people here go to. I am only looking for ones geared towards strength and prefereably with minimal bullshit.

My most frequented picks are:

-elitefts.com(not a true forum, but come on, no explanation needed)


-irontrybe.com(just found this one, seems to have some good stuff)



So what are your favorites?


i like www.theverticalsummit.com ... only hardcore puke fest training - pussies and wimps stay away.

people there drink napalm in the morning and use ammonia as incense.


I like Fortified Iron. Not a big fan of IronTrybe, not much as far a strength sports section and the other areas are too bleeding heart liberal for me to stomach.


When I am not reading this site I like Fortified Iron. Not a big fan of Iron Trybe. They don't have much in the strength sport area and the rest of it is too bleeding heart liberal for me to stomach.


weightlifting exchange


Power and Bulk

Team Staley

Elite Fitness Systems

Intense Muscle

Super Training Gym






With minimal BS? Oops

  • Outlawz (for a good laugh)
  • Powerlifting Watch
  • CPU Forums
  • Team Staley
  • Fortified Iron


goheavy.com But I hate forums that are set up like it is, navigation wise.


I just found this one last night.

Joe Hashey's website and he just came out with a new book called Bull Strength.



RossTraining.com (great for conditionning and Ross is really active on the forum

Synergy-Athletics as previously posted is great for weighlifting news (not a forum)

Straighttothebar.com (Also great for news,not a forum but bunch of articles)

Defranco website(sucks there only a few update once in a while...


I just noticed this thread on my analytics at www.synergy-athletic.com I appreciate the mention guys, thanks!



Who is this Joe Hashey guy? Never heard of him. hahaha I'm kidding. Joe has a great site, and is a smart dude.



good idea for a topic.
besides this forum,
Dragon Door
Ditillo2.blogspot.com (lost of old school training wisdom)
Dave Draper's site
http://www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/table_of_contents_thread.htm (lots of solid training articles)
beastskills.com (for bodyweight stuff, pull-ups, planks, hand stands, etc)