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Favorite Street FIghter II Character


You can go into the Alpha variations and even so far as in into the III and IV versions, but give up you're fav character.

For me, it's Ryu, pretty boring, but I was damn good with him in SFII on SNES.


Only 3 people on this site like Street Fighter. And I'm one of them.

I ride and die with Ryu on SF 2.



Make that 4!!! Guile was always my favorite, when I was 13-14 I was sf2 mad!!!


Guess that makes me number 2. Like a coin has two sides, I have 2 faves: Sagat & Ryu.


Dhalism FTW


I like Ken, although Venga came in close at second.



Yeah, back in the day it was him or Blanka.


Ryu was my staple go-to guy.
Blanka was the coolest.
Cammie had a mighty fine cartoon babe ass. When you won, 1/3 of the time she would simply face into the screen and give you the show. Yum.

I was 12. Give me a break.


I loved Zangief and T. Hawk. Kicked ass and took names back in the day.


Count me in for Ryu, as well. Always has been and always will be my favorite. It may be boring and cliche, but I can't change my favorite just to be "different and cool." A close second for me on the original SF II was Guile (also boring and cliche, I know).


I always liked Vega, cause he was pretty, like me.

But Ryu was always a go-to guy and I think the only guy I actually beat the game with.

I hated the cocksuckers who would choose M Bison and just slide trip your ass all day.


Colonel Guile.
He has the best quotes.
And seeing how he is a charging kind of character, he's very versatile: defense = offensive prep


I submit that no one has ever kicked ass with Zangief.

I was more of a Ken guy than Ryu (far and away the best 2.) I liked his throws and his sweep kick more. Why hasn't Chun Li been mentioned? Her speed was excellent, and good kicks too.


I think this is the first thing theBird has ever said that I can agree with.



Float like a butterfly, sting like a hadouken


What, no Birdie?


As a tall, skinny adolescent, I often played as Dhalsim, because it gave me hope that I could kick ass too.

When I actually wanted to play to win, I was Guile. Serious badass right there.

Whenever any shit-talking about 2 player went down, the truest test of skill between two players was Ryu vs. Ken.

Am I the only one that thought it was hilarious that E. Honda's special move was the pimp hand?






Blanka! I use to electrocute the shit out of people who I thought were cheating me! hahah