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Favorite Steak and Chicken Seasoning?

good day every one, im getting bored of the usual seasoning for steaks and chicken, normaly it’s;

BBQ spice
peppercorn sauce (extra cals yummm)

What’s everyone else’s favorite steak and chicken seasoning???


Nothing. Honest answer.

Cook up a full tri tip good and rare, slice off a 2cm slab, stick it in your mouth and see why that’s the flavor I prefer.

Now, for chicken, a nice dusting of bread crumbs, salt/pepper, lemon fish batter and Parmesan is amazing. Add citrus zest on top afterward (it’s wet and will clump if mixed in) and you have a killer recipe for chicken breast.

Just salt on steak brings out the flavour!

I always keep 'Montreal Seasoning" (bulk sizes) laying around. No doubt my favorite for steak or chicken (they have a variety for each), easy to use either while cooking or after, no cals, and just very versatile.


[quote]sotrue wrote:
Just salt on steak brings out the flavour![/quote]

I did fail to mention that I salt, dry and bring up to room temperature every cut of beef I grill.

South African Spice and 21 Seasoning Salute, both from Trader Joe’s.

liquid smoke adds a nice flavor to meats, I also use it on eggs

Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce makes everything taste better IMO :slight_smile:


Jamaican jerk seasoning can be purchased as a dry rub or as a sauce - works wonders on chicken, haven’t tried it on steak. I like to marinate steak, 1 part acid (red wine, lemon juice, soy sauce, or a good basalmic vinegar ), 1 part olive oil, and whatever herb or spice strikes your fancy - the combinations are endless. My favourite is just a simple blend of red wine, oil, basil, sage and thyme. Can be marinated overnight in the fridge, or for 60minutes at room temp.

ok I went to the local farmers / conational market and found a spice stall, man there’s every kind of spice, green tea, coffees, herbs, chilies, etc. things I’ve never heard of before. its going to be fun times ahead with seasoning my meals.

I picked up some of their raspberry green tea , double roasted curry spice and Cajun spice. Had the Cajun spice on my steak last night, easily the best Cajun spice I’ve ever had.


For my everyday chicken breast, I like to use clubhouse garlic and red pepper. I bought it in the big container at the local costco. It’s good on veggies too.

I usually marinate diced chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, curry powder (or turmeric), a bit of chili, pepper and salt.