Favorite Stand Up Comedian

Looking to get some comedian CDs for a road trip. I dig Brian Regen and Marc Maron, other favorites?

I’m a HUGE stand-up fan. Usually I download HBO or Comedy Central stand-ups on mp3 and burn them onto cd. Here are my favorites:

Chris Rock
Eddie Murphy
Dane Cook
Mitch Hedberg
Dane Cook
Pablo Fransisco
Brian Regan (who you already mentioned)
Richard Pryor
Rodney Dangerfield
Robin Williams
Eddie Izzard
Damon Wayans

Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did the first time I heard Eddie Murphy’s “Delerious” HBO stand-up. It’s pretty dated now, but I first heard it like 5 years ago and I couldn’t stop laughing. I can only imagine how good it was live 20 years ago.

Denis Leary

Or the guy he stole all his best jokes from… Bill Hicks.

Kind of not what you asked, but for road trips, I like audiobooks.

Mitch Hedberg and Nick Swardson are my two favorites.

dane cook
dennis leary
jim gaffigan

nick swardson is fucking hilarious on reno 911!

“we started a gang,… called the grape slushies… i dunno were getting pretty big…”

Billy Connolly

The blue collar comedy tour is pretty good

and some indian guy I can’t remember his name, funny shit though.

Russell Peters.

Louis CK
Richard Pryor
Cosby (I think I damaged some of my internal organs laughing the first time I heard “Why Is There Air”)
Mitch Hedberg

He’s not a comedian but I like all Henry Rollins spoken word CDs. Good stuff.

[quote]demonthrall wrote:

jim gaffigan


`I caught his special “Beyong the Pale” on comedy central last night. My wife and I were laughing so hard tears were running down our faces and we woke the kids.

His bit on Jesus was awesome. I am going to hell for sure.

Dennis Leary-No cure for cancer

This might not be cutting edge, but I have never laughed as hard in my life, and I laugh a lot, as when I saw Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up live… he’s the best comedian in history IMO

Pablo Francisco
Brian Regan (again)
Frank Caliendo
Damon Wayans HBO special
Eddie Griffin’s Voodoo Child
bobby Collins (back in the day)

I can’t believe no one mentioned George Carlin! The greatest EVER!!!

How come no one has given love for George Carlin yet? His shit cracks me up, stand-up, or written word. So that’s my two-cents.

Dane Cook
Jim Breuer (Heavy Metal Comedy)

Oh and definitely Doug Stanhope, if you’re into that immature, gross out comedy.

Carlos Mencia

lisa lampenelli (sp?)

I’ve been told there are a couple of comedians on this forum…

How bout Louis Black an Larry the cable guy