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Favorite Soundtrack?


Hey, I was just wondering what your fav' movie sountracks is?

I won't name a specific one as I don't have one. But I can say that anything composed by Hanz Zimmer(He made the score for The Dark Knight) is amazing in my eyes(ears?)


Hmmm... all sorts.

Favorite Disney movie soundtrack is definitely the Lion King or Hercules, for whatever it's worth.

I quite enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its Dracula musical / Hawaiian parody songs.

As far as composed soundtracks go... man, there's just too many to list. I really enjoy all the Harry Potter soundtracks, especially for The Gobelt of Fire.


Soundtrack to Sunshine (Danny Boyle dir.). I could listen to it everyday. It's being used now as the interim soundtrack for the Wolverine trailer.


Best sound track I've ever heard is definitely Once. The movie is based on the music, so it has that advantage. I like the Hair sound track too.

If we're talking films outside the musical genre, the only one I've ever felt compelled to download was The Last King of Scotland. Zimmer's pretty good I suppose. I liked Gladiator.

Sunshine was mad good, now that you mention it.


Moulin Rouge!


I love Once too.


Vision Quest.


AirAmerica, unless you were talking about original soundtracks.



transformers (the old animated movie)

jesus christ superstar


flash gordon (the one from 1980)


Top Gun
Rocky IV
Forrest Gump


Another good one.


Dazed and Confused
Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Good call! Both of them, too.


As far as composed soundtracks, I'm pretty much a John Williams guy. Empire Strikes Back, Superman, and many, many others he's done.

I like Howard Shore a lot, too.

Also have to say that I liked Brad Fiedel's stuff from the Terminator soundtracks.


O brother where art thou


cult classic for sure!



Pulp Fiction
Saturday Night Fever
Purple Rain


Singles for sure.
Vanilla Sky


Anything by Howard Shore or Hans Zimmer. Lord of the Rings and Blackhawk Down in particular.



Star Wars

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon[/i]