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Favorite Small Investments

List those little things you’ve bought that really help out in daily life. A few of my favs

Foam Roller, cheap and great to have.
Rechargeable Batteries. I’ve had a set of four for at least seven years now and haven’t bought AA batteries since.
Those reusable cloth grocery bags. Can pack way more food in these and I don’t have leftover plastic bags to waste.
Doorway pull-up bar. Nice to be able to do pull-ups or just stretch out on one of these any time.

That’s a few to give the gist of the thread. Whatcha got T-Nation?

cheap whores

Garbage Pail Kid Cards!

good boots, i’ve had mine for 10 years

I bought several small houses in Baltimore city for under $20k apiece. Fixed them all up for under $50k. Now the passive income I get just from those SMALL investments (relatively speaking) yield enough cash flow per month to cover my basics. Talk about peace of mind…

If you can get a good deal on a piece of real estate where the net income exceeds the mortgage, GO FOR IT! Pay it off as soon as possible and buy another one. If you do this for a few years you will have some nice passive income.

Just some food for thought…


crystal meth
Cabbage Patch Kids
jazz music
baby oil
gas masks
duct tape
bobblehead dolls
conch shells
VHS tapes
picture frames
soldering irons
end tables
anything that lists psilocybin as an active ingredient