Favorite Small Batch Spice/Sauce Brands

Looking thru Chris S’s Cooking with Chris thread I saw his reference to The Fire and Smoke Society spice blends.

What other brands are you guys using and how are you using them?

I’m currently all in on Tacticalories.com sauces and spices. They are a veteran owned, small batch sauce/season company.

My current favorites are:

Carbivore - Everything Bagel Seasoning - Great on ground beef

Carving House Burger Blend - great mixed in with ground beef or made into burgers. Also a great steak rub

Gobbler Hollow Bird Rub - Absolutely fabulous on Sous Vide Chicken breasts. Just rub the breasts down, put them in the bag, and cook. Also great on that T-giving Turkey

Helldiver Classic Buffalo Sauce - One of the best buffalo sauces I’ve tried. Just the right amount of heat

Holy Diver Butter Garlic Buffalo Sauce - Thick as hell and all kinda good.

Yama Ghost Pepper and Garlic Soy Sauce - This stuff is flat out amazing. HOT, but really good. Just don’t CS your kitchen (ask me how I know)

What are you guys using?



Great thread! We’ll be stocking up on these for sure.

I saw that Joey Swoll (the mind your own business guy who calls out gym bullies) came out with a hot sauce, but haven’t tried it yet: https://tasteflavorco.com/

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Thank you ma’am! I’ll have to check out Joey’s stuff.

I can’t say enough good about Tacticalories. Their stuff is VERY fresh. The Carbivore is the best Everything Bagel I’ve ever had.

Here’s the story on Yama. I marinated a salmon fillet in Yama, then oven roasted it. When I opened the oven door my eyes started burning and my wife (who was in the living room) yelled at me “Why are my eyes burning!!”. I basically CSed my house with soy sauce. It was worth it tho…



My favorite hot sauce company right now is Howler Monkey.

The Amarillo and Verde are my favorites (amarillo is scotch bonnet - my favorite pepper)
Howler Monkey Hot Sauce

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Well I’m going to check out all of those. I haven’t heard of any of them.

My favorite spice company is https://www.burlapandbarrel.com/


Not small batch, but this stuff surprised me given that it’s a branding deal with a TV show I’ve never really watched. But it’s made by The Watkins Co, so it’s legit. Our current favorite for steak 'n potato nights.

Definitely going to try the stuff recommended above though.


The company’s name all on its own makes me want to grab their stuff!

Oh now that’s a great review!! :rofl:

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Here’s my favorite Tacticalories recipe

Maple Bourbon Sinnamon Rolls

it’s not fit, but it is fab


Flatiron Pepper Company makes great pepper blends ranging from mild to 750,000 scovilles. The peppers are chosen for flavor as much as they are for heat. They also sell a grinder that fits on their bottles which I find convenient for sprinkling some on my food without getting it on anyone else’s.

Let me try again! In the UK, it’s easy enough to get good Caribbean spices and Tropical Sun seasoning is a favourite of mine which takes cooking chicken breasts up to another level!

Yellowbird for hot sauce. I usually throw my own seasonings together for rubs.