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Favorite Site for Ancillaries

I’ve been out of the ‘game’ for a bit.
What’s everyone’s favorite research chem site?

I’ve had success with both Lion and AG-Guys.

I can’t give a personal reccomendation on any other research chem sites, because I either haven’t used them, or wouldn’t use them.

Both of the above mentioned sites comp me free stuff though…but believe me, I wouldn’t use their stuff (I have recurring gyno) if they weren’t of good quality.

“It’s free, but now I have gyno” isn’t something you’re going to hear me say.

Lion is a pretty good one. Prices you can live with, when you consider the quality and volume of the products you receive.

never tried ag-guys…simply because i think they are over priced (which they are)…have not heard anything bad about their products though.