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Favorite Shoulder Exercise?

what is your favorite exercise for the shoulders? for gaining mass. how many reps and sets do you perform?

I tried the clean and push press but my left shoulder seems to hurt from that exercise.

well if it hurts, you probaly should check out your shoulder flexibility and stop all shoulder work. Personally , my favorite shoulder exercise is the push press. You should check out shoulder savers article , and the shoulder bible by Thibs.

I hold my arms up in the air with 30lb dumbbells all day long. I write and type with my feet.

I don’t do direct shoulder work unless I’m really bored. My regular compound movements take care of them fine except for some preexisting shit that I can’t get rid of that doesn’t really bother me lifting anyhow so I just ignore it.

My favorite is a giant set for shoulders:

Standing or seated DB side raise 6-10 reps.

no rest

Standing or seated DB press 6-10 reps.

no rest

Upright row 6-10 reps.

Rest and repeat 3 times. Do this once per week for 3-4 weeks.