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Favorite Scotch


Recently I've read TC and Dan John speak of their love of scotch, and goddamnit I ain't no different! Alcohol may be bad for T, but I know there are other t-nationers who wanna come out of the closet here...

My favorite Scotch is Chivas Regal. And not only does it taste wonderful, but when I give it as a party gift I am treated with a lot of respect hahaha (I'm 24 so my elders are impressed, the girlie's families all love me).

I'll have a premium cigar with it, but even all alone Chivas kicks an after-work beer's ass anytime. Or if it was a particularly rough day (I'm a Correctional Officer), have a Chivas and a cold Harp!

Any other Scotch lovers?


Favorite is Glenfiddich. Great for a alchihol tasting event...you taste 2 or three different things once it hits your mouth its smooth as well but thats not the best thing about it.


Dewars for me, I fell in love with it long ago during a roadtrip to winnipeg as minors


Talisker. While I'm a BIG fan of Laphroiag (the salty, seaweedy, ultra peaty flavor with hints of diesel fuel and the occasional dead seagull - yeah, I like my scotch STRONG), there's something about the strong yet smooth islay flavor of Talisker... mm-mmm good.

(edit: corrected spelling of "Laphroaig")




I am fond of the smoother Speyside single malts- Glendronach; Macallan; Aberlour; or Tormore. Highland, I prefer Glenmorangie or Clynelish.

If you haven't tried any of these, why not give them a go. You can always go back to the Chivas later.


I'm a newbie when it comes to scotch, I guess I wanna know how it's served.

Is it mixed with anything or do you just take it straight? Ron Bergundy style.


Don't you just hate it when people bullshit?

Anybody below 30 is not qualified to talk about whisky.

And Knwsom Talisker is from Skye,its not an Islay malt.If you're gonna bullshit at least do it right for fucks sake.


I take it with just a glass, mostly.

The better single malts are best served neat or with a little bit of water to get the taste to your liking.

The less pricey stuff, blended mostly, can do very nicely with some ice or water.

Still cheaper? Coke. Whatever mixers you want.

In India (where I am from) people tend to dump volumes of club soda in it, which completely destroys it.

My current favorite is Macallan 10 y.o. cask strength. 58%-odd alcohol by volume.



The only thing you should drink with whisky is more whisky,or a little water.The Jocks and Irish reckon it brings out the flavour.

Thirsty girl,

Nice knowledge on the highland- speysides,but if you want quality smoothness you should try some Irish,maybe blackbush.About the smoothest Scotch is Glengoyne,but I reckon it lacks taste.


Well, how you take Scotch is somewhat debated.

Typically, Americans take it on ice, whereas a Scot would almost NEVER do so - the Scots usually either take it with water (usually somewhere between 1/4 the ammt of scotch and 1/2), or "neat", which is straight up.

I think the best way depends on the weather, however:

On a blistering cold Scottish winter night, neat.

On a fine spring afternoon, with water.

In the California summer heat, "on the rocks".


Indeed, I am still 5 years from being 30, but as I recall, the generational requirement increases parallel to one's actual age. I do have quite a bit to learn - I stand corrected! Laphroaig (my second favorite) IS indeed an islay, however - Talisker, being from the Isle of Skye, isn't technically an "islay malt", but as far as flavor, well, it's not TOO far off.

...well called sir. :slightly_smiling:


im going to respectfully disagree with you. im a 21 year old student living in edinburgh who happens to bartend to pay the bills. the previous bar i worked at had 40 singles on the top shelf. Im no expert, but i consider myself qualified to 'talk' about scotch, and sometimes, if im feeling dangerous, ill bring up bourbon.

talisker is incredible, its gotta be on top of my list (and i really dont care if you know where its from, as long as you enjoy the stuff), though when im in the mood, dalmore is unbelievable.

by the way, old rip van winkle is my bourbon of choice.


I drink The McCallan 18 with one ice cube, in a rocks glass. I don't like it when bars serve it in a snifter. I'll send it back to get it in a real glass.


And sometimes The Famous Grouse. It was good enough for Chesty Puller, it's good enough for me.


Just wanted to point out that there is a differance between Scotch and whiskey as well as Bourban.

Any body that claims to be a veteran should know this as there is a distinct taste variation.

While some beverages can be argued are essentialy the same cheap or exspensive there is a very distinct differance between Real Scotch and Whisky and if you have to talk about it Bourbon as well.

It has to do with the ingrediance the ditillation and the region of the world the ingrediance comes from.



I've tried to acquire a taste for scotch, but I just can't choke the shit down.

On the other hand I love my whiskey and waters(dirty water) and occassionally drink some Beam.

Sorry scotchies, I gave it a good fair shot.


Hey, I like bourbon too - a Wild Turkey or a Maker's Mark is pretty good if there's no single malt scotch around - I just don't like much of the blended stuff.

The taste IS quite different, but in my mind, still pleasant. As for your neg. reaction to scotch, well, it could be that you're allergic to Peat. A good friend of mine is, and he just feels AWFUL when he drinks it, not to mention finding the taste VERY unpalateable.


Talisker for peaty goodness.

Or Dalwhinnie when I'm feeling sassy.

Mostly I drink bourbons or "Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey".

Dan "Highly Unqualified at 26" McVicker


I don't really like the Irish whiskeys that much, I find them generally too sweet and smooth for my taste.

The Blackbush is however a very nice whiskey, and I often take it to parties where I wouldn't waste a 14yr old scotch.