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Favorite Root Beers?

So far I’ve tried A&W, Mug, Dr Browns, Tropical sun, Hatridges, Carters, Bundaberg, Virgil’s & Dad’s.

My favourites are A&W, Bundaberg, Mug & Dr Browns.

How about you?

Souix City Sarsaparilla? Yeah, that’s a good one.

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Barq’s, preferably in a glass bottle. Depending on your disposition, their Cream Soda is also excellent.


IBC is my go to… Or A&W from the local A & W restaurant.


A&W from the tap. 1919 from the tap is also good.


I’ll take a White Russian.

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Sprecher Root Beer is the only way to go.

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To me, there’s no better than the classic A&W.

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IKR, with that frosty mug taste!

For those East Coast (NY?) folks,… upstate has Stewart’s stores, and they sell their store brand Root Beer fairly cheap. I went to college upstate and it was no big deal buying the “store brand”. When I returned to the NY-Metro area (Manhattan/Long Island) I’d sometimes see Stewart’s Brand Root Beer advertised on menus at restaurants and priced at a serious mark up as if it was some hard to come by IPA -lol.


Goslings or Verner’s

I like Mug cause the kids dont get overcaffinated when they drink it. Maybe showing my age but does anybody remember (or know who makes) birch beer anymore?

A&W Root Beer is my favorite root beer.

You can only find it in certain stores, but it’s really good root beer. The creal soda is equally good. Their products are made with with cane sugar instead of HFC. IMG_4294

Any beer that gets me a root is good for me. Beer goggles and all.

Root means a fuck down here in Australia, for those that aren’t aware:)