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Favorite Recipes


Lately Ive been getting pretty tired of eating the same crap over and over again... while it's good for me, it gets pretty dull. What are some of your better tasting recipes that are still loaded with protein and good for you?


I like a lot of the recipes from Precision Nutrition. The Tuna Burger is great.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say what it is though...

Try the articles "Muscle Building Meals" and Berardi gives a couple of good recipes.


Suggestions on which cookbooks to buy are welcomed too lol. I was thinking of buying Gourmet Nutrition, sounds like it has what Im looking for.


Quick and simple mash an avocado into a can of tuna this has been my lunch for the past month and I'm just starting to get tired of it.... although I did just go through a poor batch of avocados.

Another thing I have learned to enjoy and might sound weird is putting berries in with my eggs for breakfast.

Eating healthy can be repetitive but just try mixing things together and you should find some simple solutions there.


Chicken salad mofo, add some beans ontop, and, voila!!!

One of my favourite snacks.

Oh and, try spinach leaves :), actually pretty tasty.


interesting, i will try this!


x2, I would think chicken dipped in milk would sound viable also.


Some of my favs:

Warning: Shameless self-promotion



Also if you search around someone posted an awesome quiche recipe. Basically a whole bunch of eggs, some cottage cheese and bake.


This is my lunch everyday yo! Still tastes pretty good


Very good thread, thanks!


I just watched a video on youtube about making protein pancakes... sounds like it wouldnt taste like a pancake at all! It's just protein powder, 1 whole egg, and a couple of egg whites. Has anyone tried this? and does it taste legit?