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Favorite Rammstein Songs

Who else here loves Rammstein ? Anybody ever seen them live ?

Personally, I like the Live aus Berlin album, Sensucht and Mutter best. As far as songs go I like fast-paced stuff like Adios, Zwitter and Buch Dich, heavier stuff like Ich Will and more melodic stuff like Mutter and Rosenrot.

They’re fun to listen to when lifting heavy and I have heard their concerts are crazy. I have only watched some of their DVD stuff and some live stuff on Youtube. Looks fun.

Stripped, Halleluja(sp)

Feuer frei and Links 2,3,4

Even knowing the meaning of their lyrics didn’t change my mind about their music, although it felt weird

Rammstein is awesome- too bad everybody looks at me like I’m a nazi when I blast it in my truck :).

Favorite songs have to be Buch Dich, Eifersucht, or Der Meister. Put those on repeat and you’ve got a good lifting mix.


I love rammstein. They replaced Metallica for me when Metallica went mainstream.

Ich Will, Schmear, are some of my favorite songs. The heavier and angrier the better.

Oh shi- how can I forget Links ? That song is really great. And yeah, I used to work in the loading docks for Sears. I blasted Rammstein in the boombox in the trailer area as often as possible. The store security guy looked at me and was like ‘Are you a Nazi or something ?’ one day.

The marching beat on Links plus the guitar riffs from Kruspe are the best parts of that. I also like the guitar riff on Rosenrot, not as crunchy as say Feuer Frei but very deep and still heavy. The heavy double bass work in a lot of the songs (especially Buch Dich) are really great for heavy days in the gym.

Thank God! I love Rammstein. The looks you get while blaring it are priceless.

Faovite songs:

Mann Gegen Mann
Sonne (sweetest fucking music video ever)

Speaking of videos, I love the videos these guys put out. Especially for Ich Will, Keine Lust and Rosenrot.

Definitely Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen, Weisses Fleisch, Asche Zu Asche, Links, Benzin, Rosenrot, Zerstoren and Du Hast!

Saw Rammstein live at the old Metropol in Pittsburgh. Man, that was insane. Great show. Walked in a bit late (before the show started) and was stuck at the back. A wave of angry, young, white men rushed the stage and I “ambulance chased” them up front. Was about two rows of people back from touching the stage. Majorly intense show … lots of fury, anger, and energy.

Favorite moment. There was a slight down time between songs. Dripping with sweat, I looked around, and said to my self … “hummm, what’s that …” BOOM! 15 foot fire pillars lit up the stage. I had been wondering what the slight smell of gas was. Man the pyro’s were bright. I mean the heat just melted around me. Great crowd, intense moshing, hot chicks. What more could you want?

Probably the best club show I’ve ever seen. Best song? Anything live.


keine lust (remix no1 by clawfinger)

rosenrott, feuer frei, du hast, aszche zu aszche

Never heard of 'em.

I saw them in concert in 1998, I think, in the Family Values tour. Never heard of them then, and all I remember from them is their carboard props of huge dicks and cum squirting. It was a bit strange. Couldn’t understand the lyrics.

[quote]BigRagoo wrote:
Couldn’t understand the lyrics. [/quote]

Probably because they are in German :wink:

Anyone get Volkerball yet? Worth it?

I like the one they sing in english.

Oh wait, do they have a song with english lyrics?

Amerika? (half of it at least)

Du haust, Amerika and the newest one that I really like is Spring…

Also if you guys like Rammstein then you need to listen to some of In Flames stuff. “only for the weak” is one of their best songs.

Those are two of the best bands I have ever heard if your looking for music to get you pumped and stay that way. My MP3 player is stock full of both those bands. GREAT stuff, even if you can’t understand half the shit they say.

Feuer frei and Schmear are my favorites. I saw a concert clip that I downloaded off limewire this past weekend where the lead singer bent a girl over doggystyle and pulled out his dick attached with a tube. He then preceeded to squirt a “white liquid” all over her. That is some hardcore shirt.