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Favorite Rammstein Song


I feel like there must be at least a few Rammstein fans on this board. What's your top 3 songs?

Mine would be

1 Ich Tu Dir Weh (I hurt You) from Liebes Fur Alle De : Awesome vocals, I'm hooked to the chorus and the biridge

2 Eifersucht (Jealousy) : Great military rhythm, and powerful vocals again with twisted lyrics too. It has never been sung live, which is almost a crime!

3 Reise reise (Arise Arise) : folk and metal and the same time, great story

Special mentions go to Link 234 (Left 234), the first Rammstein song I've heard and Schtiel (Calm), an awesome cover of the Russian band Aria's song, all sang in Russian.

(album version is a lil longer)


Reise Reise means something like Travel, Travel.

Propably not the best translation but works insofar as it is both a noun and a command as in "travel!".


for deadlift days

and...Love the video for Keine lust.


I'm not a big Rammsten fan but i've always enjoyed, Feuer Frei, Engel, and Du Hast.





I'm with Dixie. Pussy for the win.


Meh, great vid....one of their gayer, poppy, "eurovision" sounding tunes though.




Too lazy to copy and paste the links

Mein Teil, Spiel Mit Mir, Sonne, Amerika, Spieluhr, Bestrafe Mich




Hard question. I really recommend anyone, not just Rammstein fans, to see them live. Totally spectacular fireworks and coreography.

So, if I had to pick up a top 3 it'd be :

1) Nebel.
2) Mein Teil.
3) Du Riechst So Gut.

Now, somewhere there I'd have to fit Rein Raus, Spieluhr, Mann Gegen Mann, all Mutter album, etc.



And there was that cool music video of them fucking with chicks. Forget the song though.

EDIT: Just saw it was posted above. Thread reading fail.


I just started hearing them so the 2 songs I like best are those with the most English in them lol.

Pussy , as Dixie posted

and Amerika

I'm liking alot of their other songs as well but it's been less than a month since I 1st heard them.


my favorites


Ich Will song is kinda repetitive when you've heard it over 50 times, but THAT VIDEO, it will NEVER get old! Twisted and awesome at the same time, really deserves a Golden Camera (German Academy Award)!

The videos for Rosenrot and Haifisch are also awesome (the acting is grreat on Haifisch with all the suspicious/guilty looks the guys make).


Eifersucht, Mehr, and Mutter are my favorites. This is a REALLY hard question.



Too many faves to count!

I guess that I'd pick Links 2 3 4, Zerstoren and either Buck Dich or Du Hast.


Rammstein - Feuer Frei!


Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt


what i can't believe nobody posted this