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Favorite Quotes

Hey, I noticed the other thread about favorite bodybuilding quotes and was thinking. In my place I am putting quotes on the wall in my gym room, and was wondering about short quotes, and it doesnt have to be about bodybuilding in particular but about something that encourages you to exercise but also to make you think and make you want to be a success.

The room is actually a gym/office and so far I have the following quotes that I plan on putting there:

" All one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets"

Arthur Miller

“squat till you puke”


“Pain is weakness leaving the body”

“No pain, no gain”

I was wondering if you guys knew any other hardcore quotes or quotes of inspiration. Let me know, thanks!!!

Most of the quotes in the other thread aren’t bodybuilding specific.

Many are general life attitudes, general exercise advice, and just plain badassery.