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Favorite pre-workout stack?

What’s everyone’s favorite pre-workout stack? I’ve been using ADR’s Spirojet and double dose Power Drive with 35 sprays of finasol and it’s amazing how strong I feel and how focused I’ve been on each rep.

When I need to kick ass:

16mg Ephedrine

200mg Caffeine

When I just want an upper:

2 cups filtered coffee

Double dose of Power Drive in club soda on empty stomach. Sometimes with one caffeine tab.

“adrenalin Stack” from ABB but only 6oz. of the stuff mixed in with Power Drive!!! I finish my renegade boxing workout feeling like a champ and still able to go 12 rounds. Took it before boxing practice one day and Coach constantly had to tell me to slow down during sparring sessions. It’s a killer.

How does this forum work by the way, how can I skip lines and bold some words? Everytime I try it never appears that way on the forum.

T2pro, yohimbine, EC stack, and 1 1/2 PD. 1 hour later, I could eat a 45pd plate like an oreo. No joke though, this stack blows me the frig away.