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Favorite Pre-WO

What are your favorite pre-workout supplements for energy/pump?


I haven’t needed an energy boost in over 30 years. Never seen the appeal either.

I like Old Jack. Feels like clean energy that goes the distance.

1 hour pre lift :
10 grams Creatine
3 grams Citrulline Mallate 2:1
3 grams Garlic
325 mg Aspirin
400 mg Caffeine .

Just before lifting : Ground Homecooked Bacon Bits !

I’ve been doing…
4g creatine
4g citrulline mallate
3g beta-alanine
Mix in water unflavored.

@killerDIRK, what is the intention/benefit of using garlic pre-workout?

testosterone sandwich… I kid, I kid.

Plazma is great, but not exactly a Pre-workout per say. I assume you already take care of peri-workout nutrition which will fuel your workouts. Pair it with mitochondrial optimisation stack and you will not need an extra shot of stims. Or just take modafinil, and stay motivated the whole day, haha.

Best mitochondrial/performance supps:

Beta Alanine
Lipoic Acid
Methylene Blue

Food wise, make sure to get a variety of polyphenols into your diet. My favourites include blueberries (Indigo if you can afford it), cocoa, greet tea and walnuts/almonds.

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From Pre-Made PWO’s, my favorites so far have been Redweiler from Olimp Nutrition and surprisingly, the SportyFeel PWO sold in Lidl.

As soon as I get my Amazon order, I’ll start mixing my own:

10g BCAA’s
5g Creatine monohydrate
3g Beta alanine
1g Betaine
1g HMB
1g DAA
5-7g L-Citrulline Malate

Optional add-ins are 500mg of caffeine and 40mg of synephrine HCL.

Probably to make sure no one bothers him during his workout.

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as an additional blood thinner.
It also has an effect on cholesterol.

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