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Favorite Pre-Training Vids

Post 'em up! Here’s two of my all-time favs. The first one has maybe the best song ever as a pre-training mindset. Bring the pain!

Nothing beats Pumping Iron imo. Thanks for posting those vids Aragorn.

those vids kick ass…thanks aragorn.

here is one that never disappoints…



Dorian Yates’, Branch Warren’s, and Ronnie’s videos. I’m sure there are hardcore ones I haven’t seen, but most videos suck ass!

All of EliteFTS’s “Another Day in the Gym” videos, their “Underground Strength Session” videos, and their exercise index vids. There’s nothing quite as motivating as hearing Dave Tate growl like a grizzly bear while doing some insanely heavy lifting.

Here’s a trailer, but I love it.

Nacho Libre

UGSS ftw

This one is long, but my favorite.


before my workouts


My favorite vids are probably Dorian Yates’ (been trying to find that pre-Olympia video for awhile now) and Matt Kroc’s.


[quote]utHAUS wrote:
This one is long, but my favorite.


x2, I knew it!

This is of the U.S. Olympic lifting team training for Beijing with Eminem “till I collapse” Always gets me in the zone.

jzzz I love the progression in the training montages from the early rocky movies to this last one I think it shows a lot about how lifting was perceived. In the early ones there was no lifting only some pushups. Rocky IV it was the Russians who were in the gym and using steroids, though at least rocky had wised up a bit and was lifting though with some improvised equipment. I think that one extolled the virtues of a supposed “old school” approach without the need of “fancy gyms” This last Rocky movie is a bit of a hybrid rocky does do some meat hitting but he is incline benching, squatting, oly lifting and even using kettlebells.