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Favorite Pranks


The ghost pepper thread inspired this one.

What are some of the funniest pranks you have either been subjected too, done to someone else or witnessed?

Here is one I witnessed, it includes dead fish and stuffed animals:

My good friend was dating a girl for the better part of a year, this was back in college, sophmore year.

They started arguing, blah blah, drawn out break up et cetera. The chick was in a sorority and my friend starting seeing a "sister".

His now ex found out and learned the two of them would be going on a date so she found his car and let the air out of his tires before he was supposed to pick her up.

We all know girls have to share everything they do and she told some "sisters" who told the girl going on the date who told my friend.

My friend was a little amused, mostly annoyed and decided to become friends with his ex to end the bullshit so.......

He bought a stuffed rabbit and one of those big flavored popcorn cans and some fish from a grocery store.

He cut the rabbit open to hide fish in the stuffing.

The girl was super happy they could be friends blah blah blah. Well a few days later her room started to smell like shit. Supposedly it took weeks for her to figure out where the smell was coming from and only figured it out when the slime/guts/bacterial ooze started leaking out of the rabbit.

They did not remain friends.


if that's a true story, that's good shit.


I get women pregnany and disappear


also fake std tests


I've noticed you are a very suspicious dude. And analytical. Not a bad thing per se, but prime to be pranked. It's shame I don't know any internet pranks.

Surely you've seen some good pranks in your time, what's a good one?


That's funny you say that because I noticed the exact same thing. I know BG has said he works in insurance, my dad does too and he's the exact same way. I think dealing with people trying to fuck the system for 30+ years does it to you.


Yeah probably.


lol i wanna try that. seems funny as shit.


Spending time on internet forums does that to you.


Not suspicious per se. Analytical, critical thinking. Remember my background - investigation, claims, legal, risk management, personal protection. As I was reading it, I was thinking how can the stuffed animal alone mask even a fresh fish smell for very long? I wasn't doubting your story...but I was wondering if your story was 1st hand or "apocryphal" :slight_smile:

I'd be pretty tough to prank I think.

A girlfriend did have me going once when the asshole (yes, "asshole" b/c this is some asshole shit to do) called me at work to tell me we just won the lottery. We had just visited her brother in NYC and on a lark, purchased some lottery tickets b/c the powerball or whatever was insane. She calls me a few days later at work to tell me we won a few hundred thousand dollars. Now, some of you might be thinking, the whole thing is pretty transparent. Except for the fact that she's not a prankster and not very light hearted. She was the perfect person to deliver the prank and after I was initially dismissing her, she stayed the course and actually had me convinced. Now keep in mind this was a few years back and I actually hated my then fucking job. Hated it. Any nice chunk of safety-net money would have had me walking the fuck out the door that day and that's exactly where my mind turned when she finally convinced me.

Imagine if the "prank" backfired on her and I resigned on the spot?! LOL. Anyway, she finally let me off the hook, and I was very fucking disappointed. It doesn't sound like much of a prank, but if you knew her, and then add my employment situation at the time, it was a good, if not very cruel, prank.


LOL I prefer critical thinker.

I think it's a slight nuance, but an important distinction. We're just trained to be critical thinkers or rather, those that prosper in the business, are those that are gifted with that ability. Suspicion alone gets you nowhere. The job was to PAY claims, but pay the meritorious ones, or pay what you owe based on what you know :). The staff that thought everyone was trying to fuck them get caught in a rut and never get anywhere. Remember, I've spent 20 years reading an amazon forest of expert reports, depositions, medical records, statements, etc. It's not so much thinking someone is trying to fuck you, it's spotting the weakness in the other position. To defend something, even in something as primal as a fight, you are finding and exploiting weaknesses. If you're a very good critical thinker, you can read something out of your depth and find the potential holes.


Well fish doesn't smell that bad, especially stuffed in cotton. Until it starts to rot. It was hilarious. He kept the friend bit up and she would complain about the smell to him. She felt pretty stupid when it was her rabbit.



I read the thread title as "favorite pants"


hahaha I did that too. FTR I like lululemons.

Pants related prank: staple the leg shut of your pals favourite pants in the locker room and watch him fall on his ass trying to get in them.


FTR I luv bebe jeans. Lil waist big butt no gap.
Also guess "Bridgette" great fit.

PRANKS. Not rlated to pants... old roommate put fake eviction notice on our door for other roommate to find. Much hilarity ensued!


Haha, relaxed fit Levis, at least two years old.


Great dorm trick, the water bowl:


like i said. fucking hilarious. i'd love to do it but i find myself not really giving a fuck by the time it's break up time. at that point, for me, it would be too much effort.


when I worked at a goverment shipyard saw all kinds of stuff.
some people would take blue or red metal stain powder and put it on the sweatbands of hardhats, just waiting till you wear it and start to sweat. it takes a few weeks to wear off.

had a safety man that always left his hardhat in the way when he came around to inspect the area. some "lowlife scumbag" cut it in half on the bandsaw so when he went to grab it he only got half.

would take hardhats, fill them with water, and put them in the freezer for the night.

watched the riggers take a guy that brown nosed a lot and duct tape his hands to the handle bars and duct tape his feet to the pedals of a bicycle and push him off. he was hollering for help but everyone just laughed as he kept pedaling. after about 30 min. he managed to stop and lean against a building. as soon as he did they pushed him off again. I'm not sure how long he rode around as I had to go do some work.

I had a friend that wanted to get even with his ex-girfriend and some of her friends. when there was a big party on campus that weekend we snuck into her sorority house and saran wrapped all the toilets. I was only thinking about them having to pee. I didn't think about the ones getting sick from too much drinking.

  • When I was an electrician, we "shotgun anchored" a guys toolbox to the deck with like three or four anchors, right before clean up! He had to chip that shit up with a hammer drill

  • We wired another guy's toolbox with a 24 volt control circuit (knowing that he sat on his toolbox to eat lunch) and watched him wiggle around a bit, then scratch his ass a bit, then try to ignore it and couldn't - the look on his face when he finally figured it out was priceless! (24vAC barely gives you a "tingle", so the prank was very subtle - we weren't trying to shock anyone)

  • For a case of beer, we had the tower crane pick up a porta-john with someone in it for about ten minutes - the guy was scared of heights, he was literally BEGGING for us to put him down.

  • When a new apprentice came on the job we'd send him off to the material pile for "sky hooks", "wire stretchers", "left handed cable benders" etc... Of course he'd ask someone, and they'd tell him "I think I saw one on the other side of the job" and send him on one wild goose chase after another.

  • With one particular asshole foreman, we poked a small hole in his morning coffee cup (styrofoam 7-11 cup) so that every time he took a sip, he'd dribble a small amount of coffee on his shirt. We did it right before the weekly "tool box talk". He was getting pissed and moar pissed cuz everyone was kinda laughing at him, and finally took a big swig of coffee and said, "So what the fuck is everyone laughing at? You think you're gonna get one over on me? You assholes cant get one over on me!" while his shit had a 4" diameter coffee stain on it! LMAO

  • When I worked in the office, we glued EVERYTHING on this one guy's desk upside down. glued two pens in his coffee cup, glued his keyboard facing the wrong way, his phone the wrong way etc... He retaliated by...

  • taping off the holes in the upper phone cradle and filling it with liquid hand soap. He then called the individual and filmed him putting a wet soapy mess to his ear. So HE retaliated by...

  • Going into the "shared drive" on the network (the one where everyone has a public folder that everyone else has access to) and created a folder entitled, "my gerbils" and posted pictures of ten gerbils with names and everything, the prank was completed when he put a stash of lube, paper towel cardboard centers, and a printed pdf of how to put gerbils in your asshole ON HIS DESK.

None of these involved fucking with people's food, though...