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Favorite post workout formula?

Lately I’ve been going with 60g maltodextrin, 20g hydro 520, 20g whey concentrate, and 5g creatine. I also consume a bottle of powerade or something like that while working out, so I don’t use quite as much carbs post workout as is often recommended. Right now I’m in a bulking phase and my nutrition throughout the day is sound, but I think my postworkout meal needs to be fine tuned a bit. What do you think of the mix I’m using? What are your favorite mixes, and do they differ when in bulking and cutting phases? Thanks. ps when in a cutting phase, I only drink water during workouts instead of a carb drink and the post workout meal stays the same.

Biotest’s Surge! Tastes great and the formula is already perfect. I see and feel a huge difference compared to my old “protein and malto” homemade mixtures.

While a home brew PW drink is more effective than nothing or some random PW food consumption, I really think Surge is the next step. Sure, most will say Im biased because I developed it and Biotest sells it but remember…I developed it for my athletes and they used it with success for months before I ever introduced it to Biotest and anyone ever had the potential to make a dime from it. So it was perfected far before there was a financial interest in which to “bias” me. Some people poo-poo the ratio thing (protein to carbs and the ratios of BCAA to phenylalanine, to glutamine) but I really think this is the big difference between home brews and Surge. Nearly everyone feels the difference in recovery and it’s due to nailing the ratios! There’s not to much or not to little of any 1 ingredient.

Thanks guys for the response. I’m considering Surge but first want to use my current stock of raw ingredients before trying something else. Post workout seems to be by far the best time for the hydro 520 so I’d rather use it then rather than use it some other time to make room in my nutrition schedule for Surge at this point. I could use the rest at other times in the day but right now want to come up with the best possible formula with what I have, so I’ll then have something to compare the Surge to when I get it. Any more advice? Thanks again