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Favorite Pinning Location



I've tried quad, delt and glutes.
Has anyone pinned the pecs?

If so, what gauge, length and amount?
How was it for PIP?

SQ - 970
BP - 740
DL - 848


You love to boast those numbers lets see some vids


Yeah I agree. No offense meant obviously its geared numbers but very impressive either way. I wouldn't really say anything but you have been asked on more than one occasion and it kinda kills your rep at least in my opinion.


Yep, I'll get some vids, they were done 10+ years ago.


Well no offense taken - those were done at SHW drug free over ten years ago.
This gear stuff is relatively new to me and I'm trying to get a feel for everything. I destroyed my pec on a heavy bench and I'm done rehabbing, and getting a geared boost to get back into the swing of things.

I really don't care about rep to be honest, check out any of my recent training logs and you be the judge. I have some stills in my files somewhere of most of my comp lifts, I'll drag em out when I get time.


Lol. Quit toating around those numbers if you cant lift them anymore. And you didnt do that shit drug free. Sorry


You benched 740 drug free??? lol.


Multiply that's very possible as a SHW. I have a freind down here who is SHW and has hit 800 in Mutliply drug Free hand to god doesn't even buy protein drinks. But that's 300lbs plus off the SHW word record in that class