Favorite Piece of Gym Equipment?

Post your favorite piece of gym equipment/machine that you feel hits a particular muscle the hardest.
For lats the dual pulley lat pulldown hits my lats really good, the only free weight movement that comes close are rack chins but I tire out quicker on rack chins.
For chest its the seated cable fly machine since I have a difficult time feeling the chest in general.

barbell + plates



Plate loaded Seated Dip

Hip abductor

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Hip abductor[/quote]

[quote]phishfood1128 wrote:
Plate loaded Seated Dip[/quote]


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phishfood1128 wrote:
Plate loaded Seated Dip



for your tris or chest?

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Hip abductor[/quote]

really? I used to think it was a pointless machine but having seen Kai Greene use it I don’t know anymore…maybe I should start doing it

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barbell + plates



Squat rack, to hold your curling barbell and plates while your talking on your phone. But seriously, that’s my answer not including the phone part.

Most of my favourite exercises can be done using a barbell and plates. Fave machine is leg press.

I’ve always liked a nice rack…

Leg press or Hammer Strength Incline Press machine! (Plate loaded)

dumbbells are teh the best!

Comes with barbell and plates.
'Nuff said.

[quote]Matsa wrote:
I’ve always liked a nice rack…[/quote]

x2. /Thread. haha…

dumbells and barbells

I tend to be a barbell only guy with some D.B work, but I absolutely love using this Hammer Strength supinated chest supported lat pull machine, I like the stretch that I get when almost fully extened… it’s a upper back attack

Bosu ball.

the squat rack… for several reasons, such as rack chins, squats, seated shoulder presses, stationary lunges, curls, front squats etc. I can pretty much do anything in the rack :stuck_out_tongue:

Your mom.