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Favorite Peri-Workout Recipes


I've gotten bored of making the same workout shakes for the past several months. Just wondering what other people are doing.

My current peri-workout shake:
Yogurt (greek or regular, whatever is on hand)
Frozen fruits (any of these: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries)
Hydrolyzed Casein
Beta Alanine
Citrulline Mallate


That's all in one shake? Holy redundant nutrients, Batman.

What's the thinking behind having whey and hydrolyzed casein and essential aminos and leucine in the same shake? Just wondering.

I've been using the Anaconda Protocol 2 for the longest time, so it's Surge Workout Fuel, Anaconda, and MAG-10. Usually either 1 cap berry/1 cap orange or half-cap berry/half-cap grape. The other day, I finally got around to trying 1 cap orange/1 cap grape and ended up with the urine specimen-look-alike above. Tasty though. :wink:


Not much logic other than it'll get put to use


err... I just have this company called Biotest make stuff for me, and then I buy it...


BCAA pre - then enjoy some solid food after. I've done the Anaconda thing - it's good no doubt. Worth the money. Debatable. I'm honestly making the best gains in terms of body comp with IF. Good workouts, recovery good (lots of NC and sled work on off days with a scoop of MAG-10 pre)

Shakes are cool....I like food....Lots of food