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Favorite PC game?

Are there any gamers on this forum? If so which are your favorite PC games? Console gamers need not respond. Kidding :smiley:

Uh oh, you done brought out the nerd in me…okay, I like a lot of Action/RPGs, especially in the fantasy setting. Diablo and Diablo 2 were great, the multiplayer for 2 is so much fun. The Baldur’s Gate series was good, but the second one is so much better it’s not even worth playing part 1 anymore. And, of course, WarCraft. Part 3 is coming out soon…you can preorder. Very excited…very nerdy.

Additionally, the Heroes of Might and Magic seriers are fun, but I haven't played part 4. As far as first person shooters, I'm sill a Duke Nuke'em guy.

Homeworld, Homeworld cataclysm, FreeSpace 1 & 2. They are at the top of my list. All great games with excellent stories that are told very well. Anyone got Neverwinter Nights? It sounds pretty cool. I am usually into space stuff but i was thinking of giving an RPG a go.

Doom & Soldier of Fortune because of the cool graphic violence and Deus Ex for the unbelievably cool story.

Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwar. This game used to be my life and I am confident that I can totally destroy any opponent. I actually won well over 100 dollars playing in neighborhood tournaments. Of course, that was before I was obsessed with the iron. I have well over 100 wins on Battle.net.

I forgot to mention my favorite games. Microsoft’s Age of Kings, Eidos’ Commandos series, Baldur’s Gate II.
On a side note I heard that some loser played EverQuest for a year without leaving his house. The only reason he finally did is because his neighbors complained of the smell coming from his place. Apparently he was constantly ordering pizza and never taking out the trash. Urban myth? Who knows.
And finally I heard that gamers were selling their Ultima virtual property at around 2000$. Worst part is that it was actually being bought. I’m thinking of a career change. Ultima real estate agent. hehe

I have a mac but the only game I play is Heroes of Might and Magic 3, the Complete version. It’s a strategic turn-based game which allows me to accomplish other things around the house while playing. I don’t play very often though since I’m fairly busy with life.

Grand theft auto 3 would have to be the best PC game i have ever played. I am currently about halfway through it and it absolutely ROCKS!!!

I have spent large quantities of time with StarCraft Broodwar as well as Diablo 2( LOD). Im a former gaming junkie. Right now im just having fun with my game boy. (“Advance” mind you!)

CounterStrike. I can play that shit for hours, incredibly addicting.

PCGamer, you’re right about the Ultima and EverQuest stuff. On-line RPGs are life-consuming. If any of you ever played any of the old Simutronics games (Dragonrealms and Gemstone III, among others) about the time I stopped playing those others were selling in-game property, items, and even characters for some serious hardcore real-life money. Crazy shit. And those games were text based, not even graphic.

I just hope I never give in to the temptation to put the Diablo II disc back in my computer…

EA Sport’s NHL series and Madden series…cannot get enough hockey and football. As far as RPG / Adventure, Shadow Man is my favorite.

StarCraft was the shit. I could spend hours upon hours on battle net. It was so fun double crossing people, unless of course it happened to you. I hated all the hackers with their cheat codes though. Seemed like sometimes you couldn’t get a fair game.

I know what you mean, I used to get hacked all the time by these little whipped pussy boys when i was beating their asses. Of course I was one of the cocky/asshole players sometimes (not always). I love it when they beg you to ally with them.

dungeon seige RULES!!!

CounterStrike is the shit. I can’t wait until the single player version comes out. The new Star Wars game is amazing. Lightsaber fights and force powers, it’s awesome.

Don’t game like I used to but I play ‘Worms Armageddon (Micropose)’ about everyday. Damn entertaining. I’m a big fan of Unreal and Quake and my favorite shooter is Aliens vs Predator. Version 2 has been released but I’m so poor I can’t buy it. I guess I need to find a ripped copy.

Never Winters Nights is the best PC game. It takes all the good from Dungeon Siege and Baldur’s Gate 2 and puts it into one game. Plus the fact that you can make your own adventures up etc. Although Jedi Outcast from what I’ve heard seems like a really cool game. :slight_smile:

Hey I used to play Gemstone III. I was 16 at the time. It was kind of hilarious. At school I was the cool kid, football star, yadda yadda. But I couldn’t wait to run home and fire up the computer.

Now I play Neverwinter Nights. Used to play Diablo 2 and Starcraft: Broodwars.