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favorite part about losing weight. . .

this one obviously goes out to the former and apsiring former fatties.

My favorite part is getting rid of the tits. there is no reason a man should have tits on his chest w/o having to buy them dinner first.
Id rather have a 6" penis than be a dude with tits.
just my $.02.

I’m in the man-boob club as well. That is, when I’m >14%.


I don’t have tits and wish I had a 6" penis…Damn genetics!

Oh yeah, man tits are evil!

I feel lucky that i’ve never had them even when i’m fatter, but I get a nasty lower stomach lip going and those flared “wings” on my waistline.

I would hate it when my girlfriend would ‘feel me up’

speaking of before pics, this is from the way back, from the long long ago.


hope the link works.

1 tubby tubby, 2 tubby tubby - what movie is that from? Anyone wish to hazard a guess?

JK - I, too, like losing that extra fat around my nips, although I don’t have man boobs. Gotta love the Hot-Rox - my order is on the way!!!

1 tubby tubby, 2 tubby tubby - what movie is that from? Anyone wish to hazard a guess?

It’s from Major Payne (Sp.?)

Movie used to seem funny as hell to me, but I watched it sometime about a year ago, and it was kinda stupid. Funny line, though.

That line is from a classic: “Major Payne”

Is there any truth to the statement that if you store a lot of fat around the pubic area that your penis will get longer as you lose weight? I’ve read it before and my brother swears it happens when he loses weight.

Jodgy, I just hope you don’t lose any weight on that 9 inch dick of yours.

Your penis doesn’t necessarily get longer, it just comes out of the woodwork. It’s like saying “look at my stellar abs” but they are covered in fat. You know they are there and fully functional, but you jus can’t see them that well.

Also, trim your pubes, it makes you look a lot longer.

dont think so, I think that as you lose the weight, all the chub around ‘the chub’ melts away, thus giving the apprearance of being longer. But maybe Im wrong.
Maybe he plays with it more often because he can see it again. That might make it bigger.

what wrong with tits? Arnie had some of the best tits around!

Shrinking breasts may be the best part of losing weight if you’re a guy, but unfortunately they’re one of the first things to go on women too. Considering what I’ve lost up until now, I estimate that by the time I’m at a happy bf% I’ll be ready for a National Geographic spread. Not good at all!

As for what the best part of losing weight is, it depends where you’re coming from. Some people enjoy being able to count the individual striations on their glutes. I can recall being happy to rediscover my ribcage!!

Some others include increased energy and strength, better immune response, looking better both in clothes and naked, incredible respect from my students, major enhancement of my marriage and sex life.

Hey jodgey,
Did you stick it out with fat to fire? Did you make any changes?

about a week after I started, I got called to film a discovery channel special at disneyworld. since I was the mechanical engineering intern for Mission Space (new ride going in at EPCOT), I was kind of the logical choice. Really shitty hours (9 pm to 11 am of sitting and waiting), even shittier food (cold fried shitty eggs, greasy bacon, and biscuits), virtually no sleep. So I put a halt to it. decided to press the go button again when I was done. I was intrigued by the CD/EDT, and since it is 18 days followed by a 4 week lay off (w/o tribex/M), I planned to do CD, then go to fat to fire for four weeks, do another cycle of CD and see where that puts me. Sound like a good plan to anyone else?

Which leads to a great question that I have been tossing back in my mind. After CD, should I go to T-Dawg 2.0 while doing F2F? the low carbs isnt affecting me as much as I feared (with the exception of the very low energy EDTs). I havent looked into the calorie requirments for myself on TDawg, but I have read that you need to ease your way back up to regular caloric intake after a severe diet. Would T-Dawg still be low enough to prevent a belly backlash after the severe caloric cuts of Cheater’s diet?

That, and the other question I have been wondering about, is that my carb intake is around 60-70 g /day, am I in ketosis? Just curious? obviously , I wouldnt be there long as I refeed (or overfeed. . .not sure of the difference just yet) every 2.5 days.

sorry to take this off topic. I still hate my man tits and eagerly await their demise.

Best part of losing weight

  1. Victoria’s Secret
  2. Increased Energy levels
  3. Healthier
  4. Victoria’s Secret
  5. Having my children know the difference between healthy carbs and refined man made ones and knowing what they do to your body.

Hope your man boobs are gone soon…I know I am with Polar Princess when I say they were the first fat stores to disappear on my body! Guess I should add to my list
7) not having to wear a bra! That is a pretty cool thing! I have friends that are jealous of this fact. might have to make this number 1.

good answer.
I wish my mom taught me the virtue of good carbs vs bad carbs, rather than warm up another bucket of chicken nuggets or pick up another ‘U-Bees, U-Bake’ pizza.


  1. Victoria’s Secret
  2. Fredrick’s of Hollywood
  3. Venus Swimwear
  4. Having my 7 year old son’s friends and teachers think I’m his big sister.
  5. Being hit on by 14 year olds.
  6. Having HOT young 20-somethings tell eachother to forget it because I’m underage.
  7. As much free alcohol as I’d care to have.
  8. Shopping in the Junior’s section again.

Un-superficially (?):

  1. Knowing and feeling that I’m a hell of a lot healthier.
  2. Achieving self-set goals.
  3. Being able to do the fun activities I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t the strength/endurance to do (rugged hikes, bouldering, climbing and rappeling, wakeboarding).
  4. Modeling a healthy lifestyle to my son instead of just preaching it.
  5. Earning the title of “That chick that does squats and deadlifts” at the gym.

I love watching the women around me look at me a little longer and a little more interested. Being a former fat guy, it was both sad and great to see how shallow people truly are.

Iron Maiden – after seeing your post a while back, and now the comments about going braless… Geez, I’m at work!!