Favorite Nutrition Book

Hey guys, I want to get a book on nutrition. I want a book that explains what different types of foods you need during the day, information on the types of carbs, fats, protiens. I bascially want to know waht to eat and how much throughout the day, whether bulking or cutting. When cutting, I have some trouble knowing how much to eat, even while bulking. I feel I need a good simple background about nutrition.

What’s your favorite nutrition book?

Any suggestions for a begginer, geared more towards cutting, but for bulking is also cool.

The one I am trying to check out so far is precision nutrition, but its a bit expensive.

Bets book ive read yet on nutrition has been the The Paleo Diet For Athletes.

I haven’t used Precision Nutrition, but I’ve never heard anyone give it a bad review. Everyone that has tried it, has loved it. Its also very adjustable to what u want to do (gain muscle or lose fat). If I had the need to follow a program or needed help with my nutrition, Precision Nutrition would be worth every penny.

JB should pay me for that plug. lol.

yeah, the more I think about, the more Im thinking about spending on precision nutrition, but at 100+ its a bit much. I was looking more for books I can get for cheap on amazon and ebay lol.

I have Precision Nutrition. Have you ever heard of Torrents? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, im surprised you cant get banned for suggesting that, but thank you. for something like that, id rather buy because i plan to use it a lot. besides, at college they monitor if we use any torrent, but thank you! :slight_smile:

[quote]appro wrote:
I have Precision Nutrition. Have you ever heard of Torrents? :P[/quote]

If you torrent it, I’d imagine you wouldn’t have access to their forums, articles and experts that help adjust your diet. You would be missing out on most of the package.

I think that PN is well worth the money (and I think Berardi and his team deserve the money too), but also it seems like every 3-4 months it goes on sale for around $100, so if you keep on the lookout and aren’t in a big hurry to buy it you can usually get it a little cheaper than the $130 price tag. Also version 3 just came out with even more info in it.

How does it work? Do they always help you with diet information? Or is it code that you put in, and they always help you with information?

I can read the forums, but I can’t post. That I wish I could do. But I can’t afford to shell out that kind of money. Plus the shipping costs to the UK were really high.

  • Gourmet Nutrition

  • The Clear Skin Diet: A Nutritional Plan for Getting Rid of and Avoiding Acne

  • The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why.

  • Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way