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Favorite Non-Workout Exercise


Ok, so a question to those of you like me.

I get bored when im walking around the apartment and i have this sprinkler system with some pretty heavy duty pipes suspended just below the ceiling. Looks an awful lot like a pullup bar if you ask me. Throughout the day, i probably hit at least 3 sets of 6-10, some days more. its helping too...

So, whats your favorite exercise to do when you're killing time outside of the gym?


when im at work, i usually flex my abs a lot and i use my abs to move shelfs(on wheels, im a stock guy) instead of my arms. or ill hide in the back with a broom and practice my cleans/snatches


when i take the trash out to the dumpster, i hit up 10X3 pullups on a bar in that area

during baseball season, i do ten pushups between every half inning(generally 180 pushups) by the end of the season, i do like 20 between innings


Potty Karate.


Pocket pool


I work in a camera room that closed of so I do pushups (all different kinds) occasionally throw in some one legged squats


Captrain of Crush grippers keep me busy at home.




yeah man we'd noticed your forearm development is coming along nicely. better work on the symmetry before the upcoming show though.


My wife picks on me for this one.

I watch exactly one hour of TV per night. During that hour, on commercials or during boring parts of whatever I'm watching, I perform sit-ups.

Her response: "You already train 5 or 6 days per week why do you need to do that now?"

My response: "Um....I don't know. But I'm going to keep doing it babe :wink:"

Anyway...my abs are very much like steel.



Every set of stairs I come up to, Im leaping up them 4 or 5 at a time, bounding up. I usually jump down stairs to, flights at a time, as long as they look to be 12 steps or so and less.

Im always jumping onto ledges, benches and normal everyday obsticals if I feel like it. I like to climb fire escapes and trees for the thrill.

More often than not, I'll usually park far away when i go to the store/mall/etc and run.

I take my neice/nephews to this giagantic wooden jungle gym park all the time in the summer. My sister thinks Im being a good uncle. Little does she know I go because i like to have an excuse to play around in this thing with them and not look like a creepy adult! this thing is the sweetest giagantic plyometric contraption ever invented. As long as its empty and no small kids are in the area, I'll be runnin and jumpin threw the thing chasin my little niece around and havin a blast. No suprise to me the little girl is the best conditioned cheerleader on her team. I wish this thing was around 15 years ago when i was 10, LOL.

Im perpetually stuck at 15 years old, LOL


i work at a rental yard, alot of heavy lifting , when we fill bages of gravel, i'll clean the bags then place em on some bodys tail gate or trunk.same with everything else snakes,90 pound jack hammers, wackers,viberate plates,moss rocks ,bolders,bags of sand blast sand,ready mix. of course with the wackers, viberate plates , and sometimes snakes there is two people lifting em.


Power breathing in the car. Trying to build up the inner abdominal muscles. I'm leaning out now and fear looking "pregnant with a six-pack".

I do the same sort of shit as Velvet Revolver too. As the urge takes me, vaulting and climbing, ducking under and going over things that are between myself and my destination. At some certain places I have a habit, such as the video store. Instead of going up the stairs, I run up the base on which the handrail is mounted - a fun test of balance.


... ummnnnn.. blush --
I second that.. :smiley:



I work at a desk so throughout the day I do vacuums.

When mooching around and waiting for people, I tend to practise kicks, especially sidekicks. ps I am aware that this looks SAD but I only think about it afterwards...


[quote]thirstygirl wrote:
I work at a desk so throughout the day I do vacuums.

Same here, Farmer Burns Stomach Flatteners and vacuums.


Used to work at Toys R Us. I worked in the back building bikes and bringing out large items to peoples cars. We'd see what akward boxes we could press overhead. Great workout. Toughest were the swing sets which we would clean and press at one of the ends.

As I sit in my boring office I kind of miss that job.


Haven't done this in a while, but yes, I too enjoy taking my daughter to the park and playing on the stuff. Definitely need to watch out for the small kids, though.

There are the occassional dirty looks from parents who think you're "too old" be doing this. Then again, most of those parents are severely obese, so if any one of them ever actually said anything, a response would be pretty easy.


My favorite exercise of them all. I do this as often as I can during the week.


I'm the same way. When I use to live in Boca Raton Fl. there's the greatest wooden play ground there. Boy, do I miss it.