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Favorite NON-Bodybuilding Picture


Let us start a thread of physique and performance photos that features non-bodybuilders.

Powerlifters, O-lifters, Strongman/woman
Cat Juggling, Etc.....

I'd go first but I am stupid and lazy....maybe later.


I'd second, but while not quite as stupid, I'm much lazier.


Ok, here we go:


Sorry I didn't finish my last post; guess I'm too lazy, too.




lmao this guy has been pwned so many times


Incredible Intensity
"Pocket Hercules" Naim Suleymanoglu




Cheater or Hall of Famer??!!


Here is a better one.


3 time gold medalist, the king of olympic lifting Pyross Dimas!


Wow. If anyone on this forum IS NOT seeing gains like that from years of training, something is wrong. I swear people talk about the man like he's winning Olympia contests. He is simply bigger than the average couch potato. Anyone with half decent genetics for weight training should be able to reach that point and surpass it.


It really blows my mind. Yes, we all know he did actually use, but his gains are so achievable. The guy is a world class athlete (and asshole) and for the majority of his career he got by on talent alone. There was little need for him to seriously weight train. So he starts training and he's making what amount to basically beginner's gains. Is it that hard to comprehend?

I don't like the guy solely because he is a prick. I don't care about his steroid use and I am not impressed by his gains or his physique.


If Barry Bonds was not approaching MLB home run record, would steroids even be an issue? Like there aren't hundreds of average players who used AAS that will never be in question.

It seems to an average, untrained person that anyone who puts on a significant amount of muscle must be on "them steeeroids."


BARRY is the man


Who the fuck cares about barry bonds, pyross dimas is in this thread.


When you're 35+ and gain over 30lbs of LEAN muscle in a summer, I think you're getting a little more than "newbie gains". Still, he aint that big.


If 30lbs of muscle leads to you looking like he does in that after picture, it could very well be the result of "beginner gains" even though we know he used something. Most of the older guys I know, while they may not be lean, are carrying that much muscle mass unless they were complete desk jockies all of their life. If anything, he was UNDERweight before he put on some muscle. That isn't that hard to comprehend and he gained 30lbs of body WEIGHT, not just lean muscle mass. there is a huge difference between the two.


Have you lot seen that film The Fan with my man Snipes as Barry Bonds and Robert DeNiro as the Fan? It said it's based off real events as this crazy fuck DeNiro goes around stalking Bonds and killing people... It's pretty fucked!

True or False?


Some Favorite Non-Bodybuilding Pics: