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Favorite Natural Bodybuilders


Who are your favorite naturals?


Cordova and Whitacre will always be my favs. The fact that they’re such classy guys doesn’t hurt the reputations their physiques have earned either.



For what he’s done for the sport. Layne Norton. His personality is off putting to some but he’s a natural strengths sports Renaissance man. He’s done it all. PhD and everything else.


I’d have to say @BrickHead, @The_Mighty_Stu, and @robstein :slight_smile:


Phfshaw! What the hell do those meatheads know. :confused:



Thank you very much! For as much as I can inspire people being a one-show wonder, I am very thankful. :slight_smile:

By the way, on Friday my wife said, “Maybe when the symptoms from the herniated discs go away and you’re all healed up, you can do it again.” @The_Mighty_Stu @robstein. I thought to myself, “HUH?! You want to deal with that shit again?” Lol!


Took me (another one-show-wonder) about 4 years to even consider it again. I probably wont take it to the limit like I did when I actually had a show, but I think I could strike 4 weeks out style condition.

I dont quite have the same lifestyle I did back then to allow for endless amounts of cardio, but you can definitely hit respectable conditioning with little more than 4 good, hard gym sessions a week and some cardio thrown in at the end.