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Favorite Natty BBers


Who are you favorites? I find Layne Norton and Derek Charlebois to be pretty inspiring. Both train and eat smartly but without too much BS.


I’d say Layne Norton as well.

Not as much for his physique as for his intelligence, work ethic, and humbleness.


peter chown


To be honest I don’t follow natty bbing. The only natural bodybuilders I’ve even heard of are Layne Norton, Michael Lockett, and Ade Rai.


Christian Thibaudeau


Branch Warren.


[quote]Der Candy wrote:
Branch Warren.[/quote]



Nigel Davies




Charlebois is my ultimate goal…

micheal lockett is fucking sick


Alberto Nunez, this is kind of a goofy pic though lol


Christian Thibs…


Jim Cordova, Brian Whitacre, Shawn Clarida… all inspiring to me, as well as having been personally supportive in my own competitive endevors.



Michael Lockett is a freak man. He’s winning big national untested shows as a natty which is unheard of.

As far as I know he has passed 4 drug tests and 3 polygraphs so I have no reason to doubt him, just a real gifted dude.


yea Michael Locket is a genetic freak,I doubt he may have a myostatin deficiency.


Since no one put this old mofo up yet
Dave Goodin




I’ll say the polygraphs were warranted.


Oh my God, Lockett is monstrous! I’ve seen some big naturals, but he is a tank! His skin doesn’t look too dry though. Still, if he can improve his conditioning to be drier, he will be king of the world. It’s clear to me.


Stu, because i dont know a lot of natties and the ones i do i don’t like plus Stu is a kickass dude regardless.


[quote]Marlind wrote:
yea Michael Locket is a genetic freak,I doubt he may have a myostatin deficiency.[/quote]

I would absolutely not be surprised if it were someday confirmed by science that Lockett has a myostatin mutation. The guy is an absolute freak.

I say C_C finds this German boy (pictured above), who is the first scientifically documented human to have a legitimate myostatin gene mutation, and raise him in the ways of the bodybuilder. :wink:

He’ll be the greatest Mr. O of all time. :smiley: