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Favorite Music While Lifting


Believe it or not, listening to music while lifting helps improve concentration and power. I'm just wondering what music (songs, artists) you like to listen to at them gym to help you get pumped up?


I listen to whatever is on the radio at the gym or if the PL team is there than whatever power metal they have going.

It makes absolutely no difference to me, once I put the weights into motion everything seems to disappear into the background anyways.


Foo Fighters, POD, Korn, Burn Halo

And for stretching and mobility work: Jay-Z, NERD, Kanye West...


Mostly metal and the like.


I like me some heavy metal. I have an odd mash up of it though. lol

On any given day I'll throw in some Godsmack, Ensiferum, Rammstein, Metallica (their real metal from BEFORE the black album!), Megadeth (Endgame fucking rocks), Demon Hunter, Anthrax, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Tool and Throwdown.

I'll also throw in some Black Sabbath and other classic rock from time to time. If I'm feeling particularly cheesy I'll listen to Dragonforce, Hammerfall, Manowar, etc.


I youtube convert all of the Zhasni videos, if you havent heard of him definitely check him out.


Since I saw them live I've been hella into Sabaton.

European Power metal mostly about world war II.

Wolfpack, uprising, primo Victoria, the art of war, the price of a mile...

All works for me.


Lady Gag


Off topic: great avatar, man!


Goddammit, another one? GAL please.

***Being constructive, I will listen to not-shitty commercial hip-hop and death metal.


Wagner&speed metal.


Is that Lady Gaga's porn star alter ego?


No that's Lady Swallow


My new favorite is Sticman of Dead Prez "The Workout".

"This is the day of your awakening. This is the day you put aside all justification for human weaknesses. This is the day of your awakening. This day you become the MVP, Most Valuable Person in creation. This is the day you exercise your right to live. This is the day you exercise your right to life; awake GIANT, awake warrior, awake lion..."

If that doesn't get you motivated, not sure what will.






Anvil of Crom


Previously it was Soundgarden, Sabbath (Dio era), Alice In Chains, etc.

Lately it's been Pagan's Mind and Operator.


Max effort lifts (bench, dead, squat):
August Burns Red
Lamb of God
Parkway Drive
Devil Wears Prada
All That Remains

Assessory Lifts:
Lil Wayne
Wiz Khalifa
Tyler the Creator

Linkin Park(old stuff only)
Atreyu (again, mostly old stuff)

Various rap and light metal/rock


the new Lonely Island CD has been fueling my workouts lately... heres a tastey gem that you can all enjoy

recognize! I like to have fun when I lift