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Favorite Music Videos


Yes another music thread!

Maybe it's been done sometime in the last ten years, I don't care!

Post your fav music vids.

This one is a current, recent fav of mine:




I'll always take an opportunity to push this guy. Awesome lyrics.


Who still watches music vids??

I think the last time I actually saw a current one was when Weezer released Buddy Holly.





Music videos are fucking stupid.


People who aren't watching dumb reality shows on MTV :slight_smile:


I dig your style.

A little showy but still cool.



Watch this and don't crack a smile. I dare you.


^^Another dedication to Print's avatar.


Whatever. We all know you have a million favs.


Easily a top five. I try to convince my friends to go out in public like this but they just won't. I think it would be a hilarious afternoon.



lol. It would be. I'd do it.

Reminded me of this. Watch the background dancer dude.


Oh sweet Saturday night. I know they just try to be funny but this is actually one of my favorite groups.


I'd hang out with those dudes. Honestly I'd like to meet a chick who could get down weird like that.

I'd probably reconsider my choice of bachelorhood.


Weird but cool.