Favorite Music Sites

What are some good sites you guys have to find when albums are due to come out, and or movies? Basically i want a site that i can find more music to listen to (when i workout) my music is getting old, and i need some new stuff

I usually just log onto the Music Store section on iTunes and browse around. They have a fairly extensive catalog of songs/albums, 30 second clips and a bunch of different lists/collections, such as the Celebrity Playlists to iTunes essentials (which they have for R&B, rap, rock, etc.).


You can download songs for $0.02 a megabyte. A whole album usually costs between $0.80 to $1.20.

They have everything I can think of, new albums get posted usually within a week or two of release if the artist isn’t too popular, otherwise it’s earlier.

Type in the name of an artist and you get a list of bands and artists similar

If you’re into the Bitorrent scene filemp3.org is the way to go.