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Favorite Movement For a Thick Back?

curious to hear ur opinions on the subject… if u could only choose one movement what would u choose??

Deadlift with a wide grip.

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T-Bar row

Overhead Press

Why only one?

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Deadlift, then chins / pullups. I really like chins as an accessory as I can do them in-between sets and build up a lot of volume with no set up.

I like chins (or pull downs if you can’t do chins yet), seated rows, and deadlifts.

My back is hardly thick, but I’ve noticed it growing quite nice with a lot of heavy rowing

I do this too. In my gym, the squat rack/deadlift platform allows for chins on the rack. I do narrow, neutral grip in between deads.

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I’ve been doing them in-between my main lift sets about 3 days a week (on squat day I just do a bit of bicep which is easier, and I want extra rest because squats are brutal for me). I usually get to about 50 reps in with body weight, or 25 reps with weight added. Simple and effective.

Hammer Strength DY row.

But since that’s not actually the case and you’re not limited to picking just one exercise, I’d also mention power cleans, neutral-grip seated rows, and reverse-incline bench dumbbell rows.


Thick back? Didn’t it say Thick Bar?

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Heavy rows. Dumbbell or seated cable stack rows. For the cables i like the v bar handle…keep it old school. Row to grow.

Reverse grip BB rows
Neutral grip pull-ups

All I need :slight_smile:





Heavy deadlifts and BB rows all the way.

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There’s something about anytime I program a lot of volume for both power cleans and pull ups, my back is guaranteed to grow.


I wanna say Meadows Rows. Pull to the sternum. But I think there’s some misconception that building the lats somehow doesn’t add to overall thickness as if they only grow “outwards”. We don’t have this idea when it comes to building the chest.

Ng close grip chins
High rep bodyweight
Weighted heavy

These and kroc rows

I don’t have a thick back so I’m still searching for the answer…

But, today I had the thought that a guy could build a decent physique with a full clean and press/jerk. If I only had time for one thing then that would be it.

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