Favorite Meals

As we all know, many of the T-Diets require different Protein/Fat and Protein/Carb combinations. I am just getting into re-working my diet, and I am a 20 year old college student. Could any of you veterans want to share your favorite/best tasting combinations with a starving college student? I am looking especially for combinations that taste alright cold, because I’ll be hauling them to class in the morning (I have a 5 hour stretch, so I’ll need food for that amount of time.) Thanks.

I’m not a veteran here yet, but I occasionally go through phases of being isolated like you for eight or ten hours at a time and recently asked about how to handle this. Tons of options…lc grow, maybe with natural pb or flaxseed, beef jerky, raw nuts, salmon/tuna packs…and tons of other options if you could cook something to bring

RIT Jared, I’m with Shiggy on this one. Lots of options. If you’re eating every 3 hours, you only need to take 2 or 3 meals with you. Most food, even a chicken breast or a lean hamburker patty, is good for 5 hours at room temp. Don’t leave it in the car, though. And raw nuts (not roasted) are your friend when it comes to meeting fat requirements.

I like all of Shiggy’s other suggestions.

Also, since you’re a student and probably on a budget, check out Eric Cressy’s article at www.johnberardi.com/updates/sep272002/na_budgeting.htm

Maybe there should be a recipes forum… I’m sure we all have something good that tastes great, and let me tell you, I sure get sick of cottage cheese and protein powder all the time.

RIT Jared, I’m with you on the cottage cheese and protein powder!!!

Do a search on the forum for recipes. It’s been discussed in the past. Lots of ideas!!!

Also see if you can find Walden Farms dressings. They also make cocktail sauce (for shrimp) and BBQ sauce. They’re 0 carbs, 0 fat, 0 calories per serving. And the taste is out of this world!!! I get mine in Publix, a local supermarket. Do a search online. If you can find the company, they should be able to tell you where you can buy it in your area.

Another favorite of mine are LaTortilla low-carb tortilla. The small ones are like 50 calories, 5g of carbs and a little protein, too. They are to die for.

Good luck!!! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, there are insulated lunch bags, and soft insulated coolers that fit a six-pack and have a carrying strap. They will last indefinitely, and a single small ice-pack will keep any meal cool enough long enough so that fear of bacteria is minimal.

My cooked chicken and clementines and packaged meals, etc., stay cool for hours.

I second TT suggestion about the LaTortilla low-carb tortilla. They taste great and are high in fiber. I believe they come in whole wheat, herb & garlic and green onion.