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Favorite Meals Right Now

What are some favorites that you have been eating, perhaps too much recently.

For the past 2 months I have made a fresh baked 500g loaf of bread that I then split between pb&j’ s and cold cut sandwiches.

I moved flat at the start of the week and didn’t have any cooking utensils until today, so I’ve eaten chinese food every day for the last 3 days.


Steel Cut Oats, copious amounts of cinnamon, and fruit.

Chicken taco bowl: Chicken, rice, sour cream, avocado (sometimes), and hot sauce.

I’ve had both of these probably 4 times this week…


Cold oats

100g oats
peanut butter
chia seeds
& sometimes protein powder, but i usually prefer to have my shake on the side.

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Cold everything!
Jasmine rice
Chicken thighs
Elk chuck roast

I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to hear stuff up. I’ve found I rather like it.

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Been eating Salmon like it’s going extinct lately.


I love ground pork or beef in the morning with a couple eggs on top. Our chickens just started laying, so the eggs have been tasting even better.


I have actually just started making a homemade salmon poke bowl as soon as I get home from work for almost 3 weeks.

A bit out there but:

Canned Tuna
Sushi Seasoning/Rice Vinegar

Chopped crunched and mashed together. Good macros and tastes like…Sushi. Pretty just eating and binging on sushi except not in polite little bite sized pieces but cramming it down by the overloaded spoonful.

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Left over beef chilli fried off with eggs and green peppers and served with buttered toast or toasted bagel is my Sunday morning go to right now, hungry just thinking about it.

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Almond crusted chicken breast (3x this week)

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This is my spoon today:

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Not sure if it’s a “meal”, but after a long training session, especially in the heat, my favorite meal is: tons of grape fruit (~5 usually), water with lemon, green/black tea, and (2%) milk (+ optionally protein). FWIW, the fluids are “put in the freezer for 10 minutes” just to make them extra cold and generate a few ice chunks.

So I just sit there and gorge on grapefruit, it’s pure bliss. Love it. I’m very addicted to grapefruit.


Anything with Newmans Own on it.

@adarqui heard Kai Greene shares your love of grapefruit lol


Six eggs. Over medium.

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