Favorite Live Performances

I’ve been on a TV on the Radio video binge for the past hour or so and I discovered a video of one of their songs performed live that just blew me away. Post your favorite videos of live performances here so you can hopefully share the experience with others.

Alright, is all cerealness…

Primus at Woodstock '94

NIN at Woodstock '94

Rush surprises Foo Fighters on stage…(1:45 mark)

I second the RHCP clips. Love them live.

Anyone who wants to experience the pinnacle of rock guitar playing is advised to check out Rainbow’s Live in Munich '77 DVD

(Start at 1:00 to skip the intro)

fastest gun in the West.

[quote]DBCooper wrote:

saw the Chili’s front row with STP and fishbone, what an awesome show.

Surprisingly one of the best shows I ever saw would have to be Chicago, rained like a bitch and nobody cared.

Or Jeff Beck on three hits of acid.

Saw the Deftones twice last week in Miami and Orlando, the Miami show at the Filmore was awesome and the whole thing is uploaded on YouTube. Excellent quality, if your a fan you can find it yourself. The best show I have seen in years I hope Social Distortion kills it when they come in nov.


Went to this concert in Jan last year. A bit difficult to tell from the video, but these guys play at insane volumes.

Magic Bus:Live at Leeds by The Who is pretty epic. 72,000 in Toronto when I saw them.

Jeff Beck on three hits hahaha. I saw Rush on their 2112 tour in high school on three hits of purple mini mic and blew my mind lol. I was ready to board the mother ship!

That Focus video brought some funny memories big time.

Just posted this in “The Blues” thread, but one of my all time favorite live performances: