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Favorite Lifting Music? or Just Favorite Music to Listen to?



You metal/hard rock types might find something here to inspire you. I haven’t listened to them all but I’m going to work on it.
Think the Iced Earth is rated too high and The Haunted way too low


I’ve been digging new retro stuff lately.


Anything by Michael Larsen. Probably my favorite artist currently.


I like to listen to Metallica and System of a Down while working out. I am a Web Designer at an online shop that sells cat beds which has different design and sizes. After my shift I always work out to local gym then eat my dinner nearby the gym.



I have tried music playlists in the past but anything over 20 minutes and I just get ‘bored’ of music. Not only that but once I’ve heard a song 2 maybe 3 times it just stops being interesting to me.

Now I listen to audiobooks exclusively when I train. I’m a fantasy an myself but anything that you find particularly interesting will help.

This might not be for everyone but I’m a ‘zen’ lifter. I never ‘psych-up’ for lifts, for me its about being focused rather than pumped so books work great for me. If I’m going for a PB or something I usually just pause it and the contrast of silence actually works really well to get that next level of focus.


One of my favorite songs is called Two Steps From Hell, but it’s on the complete opposite side of the genre spectrum.

Very electronic and mechanical sounding lol.


That being said I like EDM, Riddim (the refurbished and distorted version of older EDM songs), Drum n Bass, Mech Hop.

Not really fond of the Dubstep that mimics Skrillex. Those high pitched sounds annoy just about anyone. Myself included.

The heavier, more distorted, bass filled sounds are what I like.


I like Ready to Go by Republica


That stuff is sooooo good. It’s like weapons grade nostalgia.


yea man, I dig that shit.


@nards @polo77j

I found both of those artists recently. Maine still has a local chain of real record stores called Bull Moose and they were playing Wolfmother’s first album. Lucky for me, they had it used and I picked it up for about $3, which is exactly the reason why I love going there to shop. They’re fairly shameless in their rip-off of Sabbath, et al, but they don’t really apologize for it and they went ahead and made a killer 70’s rock album in 2007 or so. The song I linked above is from their most recent album.

The 80’s techno/synth album is a youtube rabbit hole I’ve been venturing down lately. There’s a ton of artists doing this now and putting their music out online, with already established subgenres. Apparently theres Synthwave, Retrowave, Dreamwave, Chillwave, and probably many other waves I’m still presently unaware of. I haven’t been to, near or around ravers in 20 years, so what the fuck do I know about techno? I like cleaning my house to it though.

Glad you guys enjoyed it!


Man, I’ve been digging wolfmother for about 10 years or so (since their first album) - I forget how I found them - I think it was through iTunes or some streaming service (Pandora maybe) since they have a “similar sound” to Queens of the Stone Age. But yea, I dug both of those clips.

EDIT: I can give a shit if a band sounds like a rip off of another band as long as it sounds good. I love that fuzzy guitar and deep drum sound. It’s good shit. Check out Royal Blood - you’ll like 'em