Favorite Lift?

So I went to the weightroom today, doing my second workout of 5x5 program. I started deadlifting, and after my warmup sets, I put on a close weight to my 5RM and started lifting it. On my 3rd rep, I realize how much I love deadlifting. It was very sudden, and I can’t believe how awesome it feels to pick up a big amount of weight and rip it off the floor.

What’s your favorite lift/lifts? Did you grow to love them, or did you suddenly realize you liked them?

Dead-lifts are my favorite. I love the sound the weights make when you drop them on the floor and the agonization of the last few reps.

clean and press

Squats, indefinitely.


  1. Deadlift

  2. Clean

  3. Squat

I’m proud to be part of the DEADLIFT cult.

  1. Bench Press

  2. Curls

  3. Deadlift

Heavy Deads…

but I pay for it for a couple of days…

There is something deeply satisfying to me about picking heavy shit off the floor.


  1. Cleans

  2. Back Squats

Deadlifts are definitely my favorite lift. Been that way for a while now.

Lumberjack squat.

  1. squats

  2. deadlifts

  3. close grip chinups

  4. bench press

however, there are variations of the above lifts that i also enjoy almost equally

I don’t know how you can like cleans they are very complicated lift, I guess if you have practiced them for a long time they might be awesome. Yet they are incredibly awkward lift, and I have been semi coached on it also.

For me

  1. Front/back squat-the kings-
  2. Push press-After the lift you have your hands raised in victory
  3. Bench press-very beneficial to my sport, throwing, also can’t lie that one of first free weight exercises I did and grew to love it

Curls / bent over rows / skull crushers to name a few.

3-Bench Press

Snatch, by far…
then Front Squats

deadlifts… they just feel great

dumbell rows are second… they just make my back feel so damn good


BB Squat
DB Rows (guess because I feel it’s one of my stronger lifts)