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Favorite Lib-isms

This is still the greatest country in the world, if we just steel our wills and lose our minds… Bill Clinton

There are two kinds of fucking redheads:
beautiful fucking redheads and ugly fucking redheads… Bill Clinton

okey-dokey artichokey… Hillary Clinton

I want the goddamn fucking flag up every fucking morning at fucking sunrise… Hillary Clinton

A zebra does not change his spots…
Al Gore

if you deal with text out of context, you have pretext… Rev. Jesse Jackson

we must face the problems we are facing as we have always faced the problems we have faced… Ted Kennedy

It’s imperative for this country to either move forward, that it can’t stand still, or otherwise it will move backward… Ted Kennedy

it’s impossible for white folks to perceive reality… Rev. Jesse Jackson

white folks was in caves while we was building empires… we taught philosophy and astrology and mathmatics before Socrates and them greek homos ever got around to it… Al Sharpton

And you guys are worried about some grammatical screw-ups from the Pres? Get a life!

bushisms are now a part of our culture man, you need to chill out some. Oh, and before you go making fun of all the liberals, and yes, I do find some of the things they said funny, we can start putting Quayle quotes up from here to next week.

Again, context is everything, but I do have to say this. If we were to assume that these were actual quotes (which I am not necessarily sure they are), a few of them seem to be more than slips of the tongue or poor speaking ability. They are a sign of character issues, not just teleprompter mistakes.

Also, what about Hillary’s comments about Ghandi running a gas station back home? Put those words in Trent Lott’s, George Bush’s, or Rush Limbaugh’s mouth and you would have seen uproar and demands that they resign. Hell, Rush makes a true statement (McNabb being over-rated), combined with an implausible explanation (that the media has some social concern) and he has to resign. He didn’t even make a racist statement, if anything accusing the media of being overly race conscious.

Billary gives the comment a whirl and it is simply looked at as a “poorly thought out joke.” Yep. And Janet Jackson had a “costume malfunction.” I’m not saying that she’s a racist, but you know she’s getting a hell of a lot more leeway.

I need to chill out? First, this post was in response to another, similar one. I simply wanted to show that mis-speaking is a part of life and some are better speakers than others and no one is immune. Second, I was just providing some balance in criticism. Everyone makes mistakes me, you… everyone. So… you chill out, my brutha.

Derek, you have to realize that the liberal mind can not conceive that they are wrong on anything. If a conservative tries to counter anything they say and prove them wrong, they scream racism or special interest or something like that. They can dish it out but can not take it.

The point is you felt the need to respond and turn a light hearted thread about Bush’s bad speaking ability into a liberal vs. conservative pissing contest. What a douche bad…

It’s a lighthearted thread when you’re making fun of conservatives/bush but you’re a douche bag when you do the same thing for liberals. Double standards? Besides liberals love to be pissed on by conservatives…

It is so funny how uptight conservatives can be…and defensive too. Stop whining about double standards…keep that reserved to black guys on death row. they are the ones with the real problems.

IMO, anyone who is a fan of ANY politician needs to get their head on straight.

LOL … Dan Quayle. I swear, sometimes I think he’s just a robot with bad wiring.

Nader in 2004 !

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

A first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a liberal Democrat. She asks her students to raise their hands if they were liberal Democrats too. Not really knowing what a liberal Democrat was, but wanting to be like their teacher, their hands flew up into the air. There was, however, one exception. A girl named Lucy had not gone along with the crowd. The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different.’ Because I’m not a liberal Democrat.’‘Then,’ asks the teacher, ‘What are you?’‘Why I’m a proud conservative Republican,’ boasts the little girl.The teacher, a little perturbed and her face slightly red, asked Lucy why sheis a conservative Republican.'Well, I was brought up to trust in myself instead of relying on an intrusive government to care for me and do all of my thinking. My Dad and Mom are conservative Republicans, and I am a conservative Republican too.'The teacher, now angry, loudly says, 'That’s no reason! What if your Mom was a moron, and your dad was a moron. What would you be then?'She pauses, and lets out a smile. ‘Then,’ Lucy says, ‘I’d be a liberal Democrat.’


They have some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.


I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that one. Seems fitting, in so many ways!

FrontFaceLock (nice name) So, now I’m a douche bad (it’s BAG you douche bag). I uncover some liberal foibles and now it’s not fair. When did I imply I was upset? When did I demonstrate that I was uptight? Go back and read the post (douche bag) I think you’ll find it was a light hearted attempt (douche bag) at showing we are ALL guilty of mistakes (douche bag). I very much lean right, that’s true but I believe YOU need to lighten up. I think the whole thing is funny (especially you, douche bag).

By the way, Bangs, find a new line of thinking. The “all politicians suck” is tired, real tired.

Randman, THAT WAS FUNNY, great joke!

  1. Initiate PM correspondence with an insult that applies more appropriately to myself.

  2. Go back and forth until I’m pushed over the top toward further insulting someone whom I know nothing about.

  3. Send out what I decide should be the last PM, then block the other so as to hear nothing else I might not like.

Sound like a familiar agenda, Zeb?

Well, I was brought up to trust in myself instead of relying on an intrusive government to care for me and do all of my thinking.

That’s not being a conservative Republican; that’s being a libertarian.

Both parties, IMO, favor an intrusive government, just for different things. The Democrats believe that people who earn a living are bad and must be taxed because they can’t be trusted in spending their own money. Republicans, OTOH, believe that people can’t be trusted to make moral choices, so we need to “bring back religion” into everyone’s life (and religion is defined as conservative fundamentalist Christianity; no other variety will do) which means that issues such as whether kids pray in school are more important than actually teaching kids math and science so that they can be prepared for the future (BTW, there is no law or court decision that says a kid cannot pray in school. That’s right, the court rulings just talk about organized prayer; if a kid wants to say a silent prayer before a test, that is perfectly acceptable.). Issues such as what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms are a major threat to social order and must be regulated. And let’s not forget that the recent law banning prohormones was another Republican social agenda issue. Prohormones that build muscle are bad, but tobacco “has never been proven to cause health problems.”

Bottom line - both parties are full of crap.

I agree with Mikethebear, although I have to say that that reasoning behind taxation is pretty novel. And please show me where the republicans say that no taxes should be payed.


From Snopes.com:
Origins: ? The piece quoted above (“Allah or Jesus?”) is an editorial penned by Rick Mathes, Executive Director of the Mission Gate Prison Ministry.
We asked Mr. Mathes if he could provide some information about the origins of the piece, and he responded:

This article is an exact recording of a real event that I participated in. My only commentary was, “the truth will prevail.” I think this meeting was in May 2003 and I will not give out more details for fear of retribution. The purpose of the class was to increase “religious sensitivity”, that is, tolerance for each others beliefs and I really blew that. The director was purple with rage however the Imam and I exchanged signs and said “Salaam” which means “peace” in Arabic (I hope). I questioned him (Imam) really to get a clear refutation of what is commonly thought of this Jihad nonsense. But apparently he wasn’t educated enough to rebut my remarks or by his silence on this matter (I think) concurred with my implied conclusions. In either case I was surprised. And when I said I found it hard to be his friend, everyone laughed out loud. So the mood was an amazing mix of those who were interested like me and others that were just amused by the whole thing. I left the matter open on purpose (the truth will prevail) so that either side could speak up and claim the truth as their own.

Reporter Greg Kearney, writing for the Lee News Service, traced the story to a correctional facility in Fulton, Missouri, and came away with a decidedly different version of events from Missouri state officials.
According to Tim Kniest, Public Information Officer for the Missouri Department of Corrections, the event described was a training program for prison volunteers, for which ministers from several faiths were invited to give presentations in order to acquaint prison volunteers with the varied religious beliefs of the inmate population. The man who gave the presentation about Islam was not a Muslim minister; he was an inmate pressed into service to present a short film on Islam and answer some questions when the prison’s Volunteer Coordinator was “unable to find an Imam to speak.”
Moreover, reported Mr. Kniest, the prison’s Volunteer Coordinator said that “The inmate did a good job,” adding, “He was asked a few questions that were beyond his ability to answer. But he was not asked anything like that question [in the editorial]”:

. . . the Volunteer Coordinator at the prison said that no such exchange as the editorial reported ever took place. “He certainly did not ‘Hang his head in shame’,” according to Kniest. In fact, the inmate was thanked by the assembly before being escorted back to his quarters. Furthermore, the coordinator does not recall any questions dealing with jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world as reported in the editorial.
In the editorial the inmate is presented as an Imam, or Islamic minister, which he clearly was not.

Whatever may have transpired at the prison training session referred to above, the notion expressed by this piece is inaccurate. Islam is not a monolithic religion in which unanimity of belief and action is coordinated from a central authority. Islam has an estimated two billion adherents in countries all over the world who belong to any one of a number of different sects with varying beliefs, traditions, and interpretations of scripture. (As well, some religious groups identify themselves as Islamic but are not recognized as such by the vast majority of Muslims.) No one Muslim (especially one who wasn’t even a cleric) could speak to what all of Islam believes, any more than a single member of a Methodist congregation could speak for every denomination and follower of Christianity. Many, many Muslims reject the idea that “all followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of their faith,” or even the suggestion that such an interpretation has ever been a valid tenet of Islam. We sent this piece to several Muslim groups and invited them to offer comments; they provided somewhat different explanations about the concept of jihad, how Muslims regard non-Muslims, and other related topics, but they all agreed that the editorial presented a grossly distorted version of their beliefs.
Last updated: ? 13 January 2004
The URL for this page is http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/allah.asp
Urban Legends Reference Pages ? 1995-2004
by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson
This material may not be reproduced without permission

? Sources:

? ? Kearney, Greg. ? “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”
? ? Lee News Service. ? 13 January 2004.

Uh, that should have been in the Islam v. Christianity thread.