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Favorite “Lesser Known” Bodybuilders

Thought this might make an interesting thread for us BB fans.
Who are everyone’s favorite bodybuilders who are not the “normal” favorites


  1. Troy Alves - had my favorite physique when I first started reading the magazines in 2006
  2. Joel Stubbs (he was the only pro I could find growing up who was my height at 6’3 IIRC)
  3. Gunter Schleirkamp (kind of famous since he once beat Ronnie)

Jeff King - 1983 AAU Mr America

Matt Mendenhall, Mr. Genetics.


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Bill Grant or Bertil Fox

Loved Bertil Fox back in the day. He used to have a section in UK flex magazine called “where’s the beef” where people write to him with questions. Always one of my favorite sections.

I always like Charles Clairmont


Didn’t add a photo of Troy before

I remember Troy well and always liked his physique also liked Porter Cottrell who competed about the same time.

Yeah his physique I really idolized. His shoulders always looked like cannon balls to me.

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I know I will never look like these guys since I will never do steroids, but one can have unachievable goals right?

Jean Pierre Fux, a 90s mass monster, who unfortunately ruined his knees during a photo shoot.

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Do you know why they call him Brutal Bertil Fox?

“Foxy Bertil Fox” was attracting the wrong demographic.


Isn’t he in prison for double homicide?

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Yep, his fiancee, and her mom.

I think he actually had the “Brutal” title before the double homicide. It just fits better now.

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Well, that got macabre fast.


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That’s one hell of an X-Frame.

With that name, he missed his calling as an adult film star, where he’d have the double benefit of having other people damaging their knees for photo shoots.

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The Flex squat shoot… Still hurts to think about

You can do all the steroids in the world and you wont even come close anyways.