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Favorite Leg Routine


What is everyone's favorite leg routine?


I'd suggest you go to the Alpha Roundtable: Legs (wheels) thread. Good info there.


Front squats, kettle bell swings and leg extensions. With a set of seated calf raises between each set of squats.

The Dead lift day from 5/3/1 fucked me quite hard, 5 sets of dead lifts and 5x10-15 squats, I would start of with front squats then switch to back squats in order to get all 50-75 depending on how I felt that day, how much caffeine I'd consumed pre workout and how well I had slept the night before.


Oly squats, hack squats (machine), front squats (smith), leg curls, sldl, seated and standing calf raises

If I got time I'll throw in db toe raises too.

If your looking for suggestions then def check out the above mentioned thread.



Thank you! I wasn't even aware of that thread. I really appreciate it!


Did you get stronger and find that your legs grew? I found the BBB template to be pointless.


How do I become a member of the Alpha round table?

By the way...
I just did an awesome leg routine early this morning

Being that I'm a senior high school inside backer, and fullback getting ready for college ball - my workouts are structured based on my needs but with my own spin to them

Here's what I did today

10 min warm up
Leg ext. Pre - exhaust 3x20-30
DB Romanian Dead Lift off of a small box 2x8-10 to get the hammies firing
Tuck Jumps x5

Core Lifts
Hang Clean - work up to a 1-3 rep max
Parallel Back Squat - 4 sets ramping 4-6 reps 20 lb increments (super set with hip thrust jumps onto low box.)
2 back off sets at 185 for 10-15 reps

GHR 2x10
Leg Press - 3 timed sets. 1x 1:30 (add weight) 1x 1:00 (add weight) 1x 0:30+ .... This was a pain in the ass, literally.
Calf Raises 4x max reps

  • Notes
    Was a great workout!! My legs feel fresh from the 4-6 rep squats and the back off sets.
    super setting each set of squats with 3-5 jumps kept my explosiveness and power output on each proceeding set of squats.