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Favorite/Least Favorite Event + Best/Worst Event to Compete In

Not a lot happening in this sub forum, maybe some of you might like this idea for a chat.

  1. What is everyone’s favorite event in a competition? What is your least favorite?

  2. What is your best event in competition and what is your worst?

  3. For the less experienced guys: What kind of event that you have never done in competition would you like to do?

I’ll start.

  1. Favorite is log lift I think. Overhead in general is up my alley. Least favorite is the axle deadlift (because 1 I suck and 2 it is the only deadlift that is seemingly featured around here. If it is going to be a car or something I would be way more exited)

  2. Probably farmer’s walk and log lift as my best events based on placing. Deadlift is the worst by far. Arm over arm pull was pretty bad as well.

  3. Circus dumbbell and yoke! I think in the CD I could probably be competitive and the yoke is just bad ass and I want to try it. Also a squat event like for example in WSM or something like that would be cool.

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  1. Axel clean and press. I have caused some sort of injury in the past 3 or 4 cycles on that bastard. Last time it was just getting 60kg to my chest

  2. I’m not the strongest guy but I am reasonably nimble and with an okay grip. So farmers or medleys

  3. I’ve never done a true conans wheel amd have only done one natural stone event.

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Great topic idea.

-Favorite event: Neutral handle Car deadlift. It has the visual appeal of “holy crap that guy is lifting a car”, and it’s a very brutal event. Not a whole lot of technique; just strap it, stand up, and gut it out more than the other guy.

-Least favorite: Timed holds. Whether it’s a crucifix hold or a hammer hold, it’s such a boring event to watch and super subjective when it comes to elbow bending. If you wanna do that crap, just do a Hercules hold, because that’s pretty awesome.

-Best event: Oddly enough, both the car deadlift and the timed holds. I have long arms and a short torso, so car deadlift works well for me. For timed holds, I’ve won them every time. I have a decent pain tolerance and ability to endure misery, and I’m pretty good at tuning out noise and distraction.

-Worst event: Yoke or farmers. Don’t do well with neutral weighted carries. If I do a carry event, I prefer a front carry, like a sandbag or keg. I have slow feet, but with a front carry I can make the weight carry me forward.

-Event I haven’t done that I want to do: Viking press. Apparatus looks great. Also, I REALLY want to do a barrel deadlift or squat event ALA WSM, where after each rep a barrel drops into the rig and you have to lift more weight. That’s always my favorite event to watch, and I think it’d be awesome to try.


If we can go to the outrageous event level… I’d love to do car flips! I’m pretty terrible at tire flips so I’d probably zero but it would be a great way out of those annoying how much ya bench convos:

“I don’t really focus on bench, I flipped 3 cars in my last comp though”
“I guess that’s strong. I mean I did flip all the cars in my street one night when I had a bit much to drink as a teen. I couldn’t continue though because I tweaked my shoulder two weeks later and the doc said no more heavy stuff.”


I would have to find a very small and light car but this is something that I would love to do as well.

The final of Germany’s strongest man this year featured a rising weight car deadlift. It wasn’t with dropping barrels like at WSM but with loading a plate after each deadlift. Looked really cool!

  1. My favorite to perform, based on how it went in previous shows, is a heavy press medley or implement for reps. Mostly because at nationals, a gross number of guys zero’d a 280lb log; some couldn’t even clean it (??). Once I went up and started getting reps, the crowd roared and it generally makes you feel like a bad ass. Love that shit.

  2. My best event is probably farmers, husafell/sandbag carry for max distance, or anything overhead. My side handle/car deadlift is okay, but my standard height conventional deadlift is just problematic always. Just messes up my back and hips real bad forcing me to have to pull sumo almost exclusively, which thankfully, has actually gotten my conventional up.

Also my grip strength is ridiculous. Found that out this year.

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The frame really makes a difference. A long, bendy frame can have a big load on it and still get dozen of reps, while a short stiff frame will suck to pull. Also matters if they back the car into the frame vs pull it forward, and you can have a higher or lower starting height.

I have looked at the results of some of the contests of Germany’s 2nd strongman league (it is my long term goal to compete in that league). The car deadlift seems to be featured there pretty often. The weight is at least 270 kg. That seems crazy. I can’t imagine that everyone in that league has a 300+ kg barbell deadlift, so I am guessing ist it really is a bit easier.

This was the setup used in a comp this year. It says it was 290 kg and the winner got 18 reps. So you want to take a guess at what one should be able to deadlift in order to get at least a rep here?

If this is a national level event, you’ll be surprised.

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There are 2 leagues in the GFSA (German strongman federation). The first league (“pro league” - there are no actual full time pro strongman in Germany) and the second ("amateur league).
If I am not mistakes this was an event from one of several competitions from the second league.

You can’t compare it to USA nationals for strongman if that is what you mean.

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It’s honestly too different of a movement to compare. A lot more quad and less lower back. More similar to a hack squat. I found this movement was the best way to prep for it


You mean to tell me no one here likes doing stone series?!! (Okay okay car deadlifts are pretty sweet)

  1. Fave event: Truck pull. Did one at Washington’s Strongest Apple 2017, and it was a blast. Looks damn cool too.

  2. My best event is keg loading, oddly enough. Deadlifts are decent too. My worst is anything with grip. I’m not terrible at grip stuff, but I’m not good either, so farmers or axle dead without straps give me a strong dose of anxiety.

  3. I’m lucky to have a gym where we have most everything, including a fingal finger and a dedicated car deadlift (and a viking press @T3hPwnisher) so I’ve tried most everything. But I’d love to do a comp with a max circus dumbbell soon.

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Fuck I am jealous!

Nice thread! Hadn’t caught it yet.

1.Favorite event - Keg toss. I did woefully the only time I did it, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t fun to do, watch, & train for. We definitely garnered the biggest crowd during the keg toss at the convention center.

2A. Best event - definitely anything stone related. Maybe I just have good leverages for it, but I seem to do well when stones are involved.

2B. Worst event. Truck/prowler pushing. I’m consistently in the bottom of the pack for these sort of events. I’m quick on my feet, but just don’t seem to juggle pace with getting a groove well.

C. Car deadlift. I have a car deadlift at my gym, and want to do a comp where I can really focus on the thing.


I have got another one that I would love to do: Squats like they do regularely on WSM.

So with an axle and you have to touch, say a box, for the rep to count. I always love to see that event. I recently found a gym where I could replicate that but what’s the point if I am not going to compete in this event.

This event was at Western australias strongest man. It was awesome to watch!

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I did something similar in my 5th competition. Really penalizes people that divebomb squat. We were squatting with tires, and they would hit the platform and bouce the bar off peoples backs if they were too aggressive. As a lifetime slow lowbar squatter, it played to my strengths.


I have done the traditional squat lift. Axle with wagon wheels to steel platforms -WSM style.

I ended up helping with spotting… my advice: don’t be the rear spotter. I must have been farted on by 7 people. One guy was going off every rep. It was like it was part of his technique.

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