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Favorite Kung Fu Movies


Looking over the worst movies thread, I saw "Hero", "House of Flying Daggers" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" come up.
Three of my favorite movies of all time.

Probably because I grew up watching kung fu movies on Saturday afternoon, I have a great love for this genre. Anyone care to share their favorite kung fu films of all time?

My real motivation for starting this is I would actually like to see obscure stuff listed that I may not have seen.


Shaolin Temple 1,2 and 3.
Once upon a time in China Series.
Fong Sai Yuk 1 and 2.

See the pattern?

I'm less of a fan of some of the more hollywood-influenced Jet Li films, but he beats any other kung fu actor out of the water.


I am by no means an expert on kung-fu films, but of the few I've watched, my favorite is Kung Fu Hustle.

I'd really like to watch some old-school 70's kung fu films though.


You all have already mentioned my favorites. Perhaps you should open this up to..."What is the greatest martial arts flick of all time?"


Run with it my man...

Although Im pretty sure Enter the Dragon is the 800 pound gorilla in the "greatest Martial Arts films of all time".


Fist of Legend and Hero are probably my favorite Jet Li movies. But you are on the money with those too.


For personal reasons the best is "Kung Fu", the made for TV movie and the subsequent series. I can't think of a movie (kung fu or otherwise) that had a more lasting impact on my young mind. It amazes me that that a series that combined racial issues, Eastern philosophy, passivism, violence and martial arts was popular in 1972.

I also like Drunken Master (1978 version).

Kung Pow: Enter The Fist makes me laugh.


-All Bruce Lee movies except Game of Death(the fight scenes with him included aside).

-Five Deadly Venoms

-Master Killer aka 36 Chambers of Death


Second this.

Good to see someone like myself who likes the old school action classics.

From the above I will add

Police Story I & II
Project A I & II
Drunken Fist II

Same reason as kung_fu_king, the movies I listed are Jackie Chan's movies while he was at his prime shape and without Hollywood influences. These movies beat Rush Hour I and II at anytime.

And how can anyone missed this?:

Ong Bak

I bring this up because the movie and Tony Jaa himself reminds me Jackie Chan and Jet Li in, again, their prime performance and without Hollywood influences.

BTW, I don't know the availability of these movies at the western world, but if you by any chance come across these in the ol dusty corner of your local video shop, hire a copy and see what I am saying.

Geek boy


the last dragon (bruce leroy)

enter the dragon

i liked hero, bu nor cthd


I have Ong Bak on DVD, and if you can get past the bad acting of his cousin and his girl friend, the fight scenes, done with no special effects, are top notch.

Either way, I think the best still is Enter the Dragon.

Hero still stands as the most artistic one that I have ever seen. I think I may watch it again tonight.


I don't think that Enter the Dragon is the best film by a long shot.

I'm not going to debate Bruce Lee's ability but here's my take on Bruce Lee films - his on screen fighting style is too clinical - one punch KO's, side kicks with dramatic pause after them, alot of grimacing and general posing.

films like Police Story and Jet Li films have many more of the more flashier moves but they are well used in the fight scene so that the whole thing is believable - jumping back spinning kicks are of no use in a real fight but look good if a scene is put together well.

I love the old school, tradition style kung fu films like Shaolin Temple, but a film with a more modern setting needs to have kung-fu fused with a streetfighting element.

One of the most realistic fight scenes is the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones (not er..that, er..i've seen that film). Real guys with no training, and even guys with training, fight like that - like the way children fight.

I could debate this all day...


Prof X,

Pretty true, except George/"Hum Lae" made the market chase scene extremely hilarious! And yes, the underground club fight scene and the cave fight scene are top notch.

I saw the movie at cinema once and then bought the DVD with the making-of in it. The making-of part of the DVD, which has the choreography planning, rehearsal, no-good takes and accidents etc. in it, makes the movie even better.

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I don't think we need to get into any debate; Some enjoy these movies for realistic fighting, some for good MA display, some for extreme athleticism, some just enjoy all these qualities. In any way, the above mentioned are good martial action movies to watch.

My 2cents,

Geek boy


Check out the " Lone Wolf and Cub " series.


This kung fu badass takes his son around in his death-cart that he made to shoot out spears and arrows at the push of a button. One fight scene has him killing a hundred ninja's and he gets a sword stuck in his back so he makes his son pull it out.

Also check out, the seven samurai, supposedly a lot of spaghetti westerns have stuff taken from that movie.


i'm down w/ everything said above and nice call on the first drunken master !

enter the dragon #1 all the way though personally i've prolly watched chinese connection and fists of fury twice as many times.

i'd like to see "the octogon" mentiuoned and,stretching the genre a bit, i'd like to add ghost dog and kill bill 1&2 -which is really one story and i don't see the point of likeing one half better than the other...


yeah bro the magnificent seven w/ yul brenner, steve mcqueen, bronson, coburn ... was basically a western remake of seven samurai. awesome, awesome movies.


I liked Kill Bill...a lot. I think people who don't like that movie have some type of mental disorder and should have it fixed...quickly.

I haven't seen Ghost Dog, but you are the second person I know to hype that movie so I will check it out as soon as possible.


Lone Wolf McQuade, Chuck Norris AND David Carradine, sheer class.

Drunken Master has to be one of the funniest.

Meals on Wheels is my favourite JC film, particularly the bit at the start where they get out of bed and do those stretches and wooden dummy stuff.


Fist of fury. I was a kid the first time I saw that. The scene where Lee goes into the Japanese dojo and clears house made a huge impression on me. The fight at the end with Bob Wall showed the incredible hand speed of Lee.

Enter the Dragon.

Return of the Dragon.

A force of one. The fight between Chuck Norris and Bill Superfoot Wallace is a must see. Wallace is possibly the best middle weight champion ever. He's certainly the most impressive kicker. My first Sensei who trained with Wallace said he couldn't block Wallaces foot even when Wallace told him where he was going to hit him.

Perfect Weapon. Ed Parker choreographed the fight scenes.

Brandon Lee's movies are worth watching.

I am not at all impressed by Jet Li. His remake of Fist of Fury was a pathetic attempt to cash in on Bruce Lee.

The worst martial arts movie I ever saw was Dragon. This movie was superficial and full of inaccuracies. Another pathetic cash in on Lee.