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Favorite IPhone/IPod Touch Gym App


I've been using GymBuddy for about 6 months now and My friend likes iFitness.

GymBuddy has really helped me stay on track. Who can remember every weight you use on 30 different exercises? The apps show you what you did the previous workout so you can try to beat your previous workout bests..I hate when I start off too heavy, that ruins the exercise for me.

Gymbuddy also has a 30,60,90 second timer, which helps me in between sets..

What are your Fav Gym apps?


I got this thing... It's called a "Log Book". 99 cents at CVS. Works pretty good. I use a pen with it.





Ipod Touch - I watch movies while doing cardio on the treadmill. Next up is Shallow Hal. I just finished watching Fight Club this morning.


I keep my workouts on a spreadsheet on google docs. When I go to the gym I use pen and paper. No phones allowed. I hate dicking around with gadgets when I'm in the gym. Pen , paper, mp3 player which I don't mess with the entire workout.


I leave my phone in the car.


I just got the GymBuddy...I'll let you know how it goes. It's nice to have one less thing to remember though and as I use my IPOD while at the gym anyway, might as well utilize it fully.


I got a little red fake leather book. I would hate to train with a iphone


Sounds too high tech for me.


lol I saw some guy using the timer the other day in the gym. I guess if that's your thing, good for you.


I used log books and a timer my first couple years of working out. I no longer need them, but they can be useful tools for newbies.


It's way better then pen and paper! I have been lifting for a while now and this app has really helped me get back on track, i didn't realize how off track I really was. You pick the workout and then the exercise, the touch screen allows you to enter the weight and reps..Your previous workout shows right below...It's a luxury for sure...Plus it's already on your Ipod touch which you already probably use to listen to music..


I don't know man... Just seems a little high maintenance... And fruity.


I chisel my sets and reps into a pair of stone tablets.



I've just been using my brain all these years.

Who knew I was obsolete.


i got this thing called a "memory." you should try that.


Much respect to those capable of actually remembering their workouts.

I am not one of them.


me too. that's impressive


Too much traffic at my gym, I would be too worried about me or somebody dropping an 80lbs DB on my Iphone or Itouch. Or somebody stealing it. But sounds like a cool app.

I keep my cell in the car or locker and use good old pen and paper.