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Favorite Inuit People!

Dont know a single one.

I met several in Alaska. Don’t call them Eskimos. I tired it n you won’t dig it.

Lol Orion, that’s one Like step away from “Favorite Neandrathal People”.
But how on Earth could you have forgotten that Eskimo From “Clutch Cargo”?
He fuckin’ Rocked Man…shame on you.

These two seem pretty cool…

That sounds like Mongolian throat singing.

Why do they look the same way and sing the same way even if they are thousands of miles apart?

edit: na, these are Tuvans, practically Mongols.

I saw an Eskimo stripper once.

You can’t imagine how cold it has to get for her nipples to show it.

I saw a story on the Discovery channel about this old Inuit dude who protected his family from a polar bear by kicking it over when it reared up in his face.

I dunno wtf his name is, but he’s my favorite.

Do siberian eskimos count ?

Because if they don’t, i will have to admit a tragic lacuna in my ethnographic culture :
I don’t know any inuit pornstar.