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Favorite Healthy On-The-Go Snack?

When you guys are traveling, let’s say driving all day or taking an airplane somewhere, What is your favorite healthy, quick on-the-go snack to bring on the road or on the airplane on a day where you can’t really commit 100% to planning out every meal?

  • A few baggies of protein powder to mix with milk or water I can get on the road or at the airport
    -Beef jerky
    -Sometimes I’ll make a batch of protein muffins and put in a bag or tupperware
    -Protein bars
    -Nuts (I will bring these from home as most nuts you find on the road or at the airport have unnecessary crap in the ingredients)
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All great stuff! I usually do my own but mix too and protein bars. Maybe
some fruit here or there!

Protein bars _ one of my recent favorites are the Think Thin creamy peanut butter and the brownie… Zero sugar and 20g Protein per bar. Gluten free and tastes really good.

I like the to go packets of almonds.

Banana or red apple. String cheese.

Protein powder in my shaker cup and maybe even grab a bottle water with BCAAs in it.

To go tuna packets are great also… Starkist has these $1 packets at Walmart packed with 16-17g protein per packet.

Nature valley granola crunch bars are good for some carbs.

Agree with all that! Ooo I’ll have to check out those tuna packs!

Yeah they look like these… Ranch is really good. You can get plain in water though. $1 at Walmart. Can’t beat it.

Oh yeah I’ve definitely seen those! Much easier than the can, and probably
taste better too hahaha

I like drinking whole milk. Like buying a 500ml pack on the go or so. Also, boiled eggs. Why haven’t those been mentioned yet?

I buy something sensible on the road

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I never buy can tuna…

I buy these packets because they’re cheap and I buy the family size packets as well. More fresh tasting that’s for sure. And typically no draining needed.

Beef jerky (any decent brand that isn’t loaded with sugar and crap) and a diet soda. Jerky takes a while to chew, so it’s filling and satisfying. Soda is sweet and bubbly, so it’s filling and satisfying.

Kind of surprised you would recommend a diet soda. Chemicals and artificial sweetener. Nothing remotely healthy!

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there’s not a lot of conclusive evidence that artificial sweeteners are really all that bad for you

Really? Well, chemicals are no good in my book.

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I agree! Nothing good about it. I don’t personally know anyone who drinks diet soda that doesn’t have health problems.

What kind of health problems are you alluding to?

You name it! A lot of mystery illnesses that can’t be dianosed. Pulmonary, heart, digestive issues, chronic pain.

lol, seriously? Every single person you know who drinks diet soda has health problems from them?

Well, I can’t say that it’s “from” them, but that is the common denominator. I can’t drink it because it makes my heart try to jump out of my chest, so leave it alone.

I don’t believe there’s anything whatsoever wrong, and certainly not health-damaging, with having a diet soda once in a while. Once in a while, being the key there.

2 liters a day? Sure I’d say not the best idea. Grabbing a Coke Zero when you’re on the run and didn’t bring a better option? Should be as worrisome as having to use the gym’s adjustable incline bench instead of the fixed incline.

The info about artificial sweeteners eliciting an insulin response, I may be brosciencing but I’m not fully convinced that’s a thing. I know that chewing gum and diet drinks have been staples of contest bodybuilders for a long time. If those things made fat loss more difficult, I think word would be much more widespread by now.

As for some artificial sweeteners being linked to cancer, pretty sure that gets back to being “dose dependent.” 12-20 ounces of diet soda/Crystal light/whatever a few days a week is not the same as consuming mass quantities daily.

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